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Crypt Defiler.gif
You see a crypt defiler.
  • I smell gold!
  • You'll make a fine fake-mummy to be sold!
  • Untold riches are awaiting me!
  • I don't like competition!


Only a few grave robbers live to see the day to get the renown and experience needed to be known as crypt defilers. Most members of their trade die soon by traps, ancient guardians of the tombs or blades of adventurers. Only those cunning and tough enough to survive those perils become the dreaded and despised crypt defilers. They have gathered a meagre fortune to be able to afford better armor and weaponry and some of them even learned to turn the parts of buried creatures into toxins. They are responsible for leading bands of grave robbers out of their customary regions and finance expeditions to seek fortune in far lands. It is due to their dubious courtesy that parties of grave robbers can be encountered almost everywhere in the known world. They and their henchmen are often drawn to a newly discovered crypt like flies to a cadaver. Though some of the crypt defilers are in the employment of eccentric collectors or dealers of stolen goods, most of them are just unscrupulous thieves. Some of them have learned that strength comes in numbers and band together for a common goal, often employing a bunch of less experienced grave robbers. Such alliances usually don't last for long though, as these individuals are prone to betray or sacrifice each other in the face of even the slightest danger. Still it is not unheard of that some of these gangs last long enough to acquire a name for themselves, others have some form of 'representative' in the more dubious parts of the larger cities that can help in the acquiring of 'long lost objects' - for a price of course.

Slightly stronger version of a Nomad.


Melee (0-30?), Throwing Star (0-10?).

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


Horestis Tomb.


A crypt defiler will retreat at 15 (8.11%, red) health.


Basically same as nomads.


(Loot Statistics)

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