The Dwarves have hidden a shiny helmet deep in their mines, guarded by giant spiders..


Dwarf Mines west of Kazordoon or north of Thais, here.

Required Equipment


There are two routes to the Crusader Helmet, the original route is through the Dwarf Mines, but since Updates/8.1 it is also possible to go through Mount Sternum and its Undead Cave, which is faster.

Mount Sternum Route

Dwarf Mines Route

Crusader Helmet Quest Map 01.gif

  • Immediately head down another hole and then head far to the west.

Crusader Helmet Quest Map 02.gif

  • Head to the north and west and continue down another hole.

Crusader Helmet Quest Map 03.gif

Last Part

Regardless if you took the Mount Sternum Route or the Dwarf Mines Route, the last part is the same.

  • You will meet Dwarf Guards. Head east continuing further down in the mine, here.

Crusader Helmet Quest Map 04.gif

  • There will be a lot of Dwarf Guards. Go north and through the level 35 gate of expertise.

Crusader Helmet Quest Map 05.gif

  • Head down the hole here and prepare to face Giant Spiders (there are 4 in the entire place, but they come one by one, and you should only meet 3 on the way to where the crusader helmet is). There are some spider webs blocking the way. Use a melee weapon or a firebug to break it and pass through.
  • The reward (a Crusader Helmet) is located in a skeleton body at the far west end of the tunnel, here.

Crusader Helmet Quest Map 06.gif

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