In northern Venore, here.


Talesia runs Crunor's Finest which provides plants and produce. Livielle, Rodney, and Rose all sells wares. These are the rooms:

  • ground floor: 30sqm hallway, 2x6sqm latrine, 2x6sqm well room, and a 4x4, two 2x2, 2x7, and 4x7sqm storage rooms (Stone, Grey Stone, Brown Tiled floors)
  • first floor: 10x15sqm shop floor (Brown Tiled floors)
  • second floor: 3x7sqm hallway, 2x4sqm balcony, 3x5sqm kitchen, 5x6sqm garden, 2x3sqm latrine, 5x5sqm office, 4x5sqm bed room (Parquet, Yellow Tiled, Brown Tiled floors and Grass)

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