You see Cruleo
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  • <gulp gulp>
  • This will earn me some handsome amount of gold!
  • Muhahaha!


Near Orc Fortress in Ferngrims Gate


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Involved in the Overhunting World Change.
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Trade Details


This NPC does not sell anything.


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Player: hi
Cruleo: I don't like visitors. I hope for you, you are here to {trade}?
Player: job
Cruleo: I'm a {hunter} and proud of it. I'm also willing to buy certain trophies of your own hunts if you are interested to {trade}.
Player: hunter
Cruleo: Hunting is not for the chicken-hearted. I'm a hunter, my father was a hunter and my father's father was a hunter. That is the way things are. You hunt or you are hunted. ...
Cruleo: There is no shame, we humans fought our way up the food chain. In fact it is an honour and we should not mock our ancestors' efforts. ...
Cruleo: We humans are hunters, like it or not. Hunting is part of life and it is how the world works and was meant to be.
Player: trade
Cruleo: I hope you have something of value to offer!
Player: white deer
Cruleo: A magnificent animal indeed but still not more than an animal. Those damned {elves} are behaving like they are sacred or something. ...
Cruleo: Gladly, the elves are the only ones who believe that nonsense born out of fairy tales. ...
Cruleo: Several rich people are firmly convinced of the mythical nature of the deer and pay handsomely for their {antlers} and {furs}. If you happen to 'find' some, I'll be interested to {trade} with you.
Player: elves
Cruleo: Those pesky tree dwellers are bad for business. They care more for the animals than for us humans, why would we care for them or their assumed pets? ...
Cruleo: Their days are over, even when they fail to see that. This is the age of humans and it is us who decide what is right or wrong.
Player: antlers
Cruleo: The white deer antlers are worked into several objects or even used in medicine.
Player: furs
Cruleo: The fur of the white deer is prized by followers of the latest fashion, magicians and nobles. Some use them for assumed magical purposes, others for prestige, others for style.
Player: bye
Cruleo: Bye.