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| value = 12,000 - 15,000
| value = 12,000 - 15,000
| npcvalue = 12000
| npcvalue = 12000
| droppedby = [[Hero]], [[Quara Pincher]], [[Fury]], [[Phantasm]], [[Hand of Cursed Fate]].
| droppedby = [[Hero]], [[Quara Pincher]], [[Fury]], [[Phantasm]], [[Hand of Cursed Fate]], [[Hellgorak]]
| buyfrom = Players.
| buyfrom = Players.
| sellto = [[Nah'Bob]] ([[Blue Djinn Fortress]]) '''12,000''' [[gp]]<br>
| sellto = [[Nah'Bob]] ([[Blue Djinn Fortress]]) '''12,000''' [[gp]]<br>

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Property Value
Combat Properties
Armor 13
Vocation knights and paladins
General Properties
Name Crown Armor
Item ID {{{itemid}}}
Classification Armors
Weight 99.00 oz.
Trade Properties
Value 12,000 - 15,000 gp
Sold for 12,000 - 15,000 gp
Bought for Unknown.
Other Properties
Version Unknown.
Status Active
Crown Armor
You see crown armor (Arm:13).
It can only be wielded properly by knights and paladins.
It weighs 99.00 oz.


Part of the Crown Set. After the Update 8.4, the Crown Armor became for knights and paladins only.

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Can be traded for a Piece of Royal Steel with A Sweaty Cyclops. Can be obtained through the Black Knight Quest.

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Trade Details

Buy From


Sell To

NPC City Value
in gp
[[Nah'Bob (Blue Djinn Fortress) 12]]12000
[[000 gp
H.L. (Outlaw Camp) 210 gp]]
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