Criminal Records are special records that are displayed in your account if you have broken one or more rules. If you should have more than one criminal record into your account, it will be displayed chronologically. The criminal record entry is categorised into:

The length of the criminal record (if it's an account banishment) is determined by the times you break a rule. There is a progression of punishments, i.e. if a character repeatedly breaks the rules, the punishments will gradually get worse. The individual punishment progression is determined by several factors and may vary. An entry on the Criminal Record will take at least 6 months to dissapear.

By clicking into the [View] link, you will be taken to a page where you'll see more detailed information about your criminal record entry.

Account Banishment counts towards an account deletion, for this reason it would be a good idea to follow the rules. Notations and namelocks however, do not count for the account deletion.

On the other hand, if the corresponding entry was a namelock, instead of the [View] link, another button will appear, the Rename Character.gif, whereas you can suggest a new name for your character to make him with a valid and legal name again. The new name suggestion is sent directly to customer support, who will determine whether the new name suggestion is legal or not.