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Royal Archives Criminal Offences 900 - 950 p.g

900 p.g. Theft of duck by Threpwood Guybrush. Fine of 10 gold.

911 p.g. Attempted assault by Nostradamus Untru. Fine 20 whippings.

911 p.g. Robbery by Homer Vason. Prison sentence of 2 years.

912 p.g. Robbery by Angus Krome. Prison sentence of 3 years.

913 p.g. Assault by Nostradamus Untru. Prison sentence of 1 year.

920 p.g. Burglary by Winston Roper. Prison sentence of 3 years.

925 p.g. Theft by Alison Farmer. Fine of 30 gold.

935 p.g. Poaching by Winston Roper. Fine of 70 gold.

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