Property Value
Combat Properties
Armor 7
Resists ice +5%
Level 80
General Properties
Name Crest of the Deep Seas
Item ID 21892
Classification Helmets
Weight 45.00 oz.
Trade Properties
Value Negotiable gp
Sold for 10,000 gp
Bought for ? gp
Other Properties
Version 10.7
December 12, 2014
Status Active
Crest of the Deep Seas.gif
You see a crest of the deep seas (Arm:7, speed +5, protection ice +5%).
It can only be wielded properly by players of level 80 or higher.
It weighs 45.00 oz.


Despite the name's connection to the sea, it does not act as a diving helmet. On the Test Server of 10.7 it was proposed by several testers that this helmet allow diving underwater, since its name implies a connection to the sea and the stats were very poor at the time. Instead, CipSoft added Ice Resistance and a Speed boost to it. Can be used as part of the Speed Set. Seems to drop as often as a Royal Helmet from a Dragon Lord.

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