Turns you into a certain creature for three minutes.


Used only for fun, this spell only allows your shape to be changed, your name is still there along with your level, such as when you "look" at someone.
Only your appearance is transformed into that of a creature by this spell, so real creatures still know you are a human and your name still appears above your character so other players are able to tell that it is just an illusion. Good for scaring Newbies. If the creature's name has a space in it, enclose it with quotation marks. Some people like to use this spell to make it look like they have a certain outfit. For example, transforming into an Assassin would make the spellcaster look like he/she has the Assassin Outfit. Another common use of this spell is similar to the Chameleon Rune for example, when a player is on another floor and sees you using this spell, if he doesn't look at you, he will think you are a random monster.

See List of Illusionable Creatures for a complete list of creatures available with this spell.