Creature Artworks or Creature Cards are artwork images released in teasers before updates by CipSoft, featuring a Creature to be introduced in an upcoming update. The name "creature card" is given to these images because they have a similar format and somewhat resemble cards from certain card games. They are not real cards, of course.

Update # Artworks
12.20 7
12.00 5
11.80 11
11.50 9
11.40 7
10.94 4
10.90 7
10.8 3
10.7 2
10.5 9
10.3 7
10.1 8
9.8 10
9.6 13
9.4 17
9.1 11
8.6 4
8.54 15
8.5 1
8.4 15
8.2 9
8.0 10
7.9 10

List of Creature Cards

Name Artwork Implementation update
Acid Blob Acid Blob Artwork 8.4
Animated Feather Animated Feather Artwork 11.80
Arachnophobica Arachnophobica Artwork 12.00
Armadile Armadile Artwork 9.6
Askarak Demon Askarak Demon Artwork 9.1
Askarak Lord Askarak Lord Artwork 9.1
Askarak Prince Askarak Prince Artwork 9.1
Barbarian Bloodwalker Barbarian Bloodwalker Artwork 8.0
Barbarian Brutetamer Barbarian Brutetamer Artwork 8.0
Barbarian Headsplitter Barbarian Headsplitter Artwork 8.0
Barbarian Skullhunter Barbarian Skullhunter Artwork 8.0
Barkless Fanatic Barkless Fanatic Artwork 11.40
Betrayed Wraith Betrayed Wraith Artwork 7.9
Biting Book Biting Book Artwork 11.80
Black Sphinx Acolyte Black Sphinx Acolyte Artwork 12.20
Blightwalker Blightwalker Artwork 7.9
Blood Hand Blood Hand Artwork 10.1
Blood Priest Blood Priest Artwork 10.1
Bog Raider Bog Raider Artwork 8.2
Boogy Boogy Artwork 11.40
Braindeath Braindeath Artwork 8.0
Breach Brood Breach Brood Artwork 10.94
Brimstone Bug Brimstone Bug Artwork 8.6
Burster Spectre Burster Spectre Artwork 12.00
Calamary Calamary Artwork 9.4
Cave Devourer Cave Devourer Artwork 11.50
Chakoya Toolshaper Chakoya Toolshaper Artwork 8.0
Chakoya Tribewarden Chakoya Tribewarden Artwork 8.0
Chakoya Windcaller Chakoya Windcaller Artwork 8.0
Chasm Spawn Chasm Spawn Artwork 11.50
Choking Fear Choking Fear Artwork 10.3
Cliff Strider Cliff Strider Artwork 9.6
Clomp Clomp Artwork 10.90
Cobra Scout Cobra Scout Artwork 12.20
Cockroach Cockroach Artwork 8.2
Corym Charlatan Corym Charlatan Artwork 9.8
Corym Skirmisher Corym Skirmisher Artwork 9.8
Crawler Crawler Artwork 9.4
Crazed Winter Rearguard Crazed Winter Rearguard Artwork 12.00
Crazed Winter Vanguard Crazed Winter Vanguard Artwork 12.00
Crystal Spider Crystal Spider Artwork 8.0
Crystal Wolf Crystal Wolf Artwork 9.1
Crystalcrusher Crystalcrusher Artwork 9.6
Cursed Book Cursed Book Artwork 11.80
Damaged Crystal Golem Damaged Crystal Golem Artwork 9.6
Damaged Worker Golem Damaged Worker Golem Artwork 8.4
Dark Torturer Dark Torturer Artwork 7.9
Death Blob Death Blob Artwork 8.4
Deathling Scout Deathling Scout Artwork 11.80
Deathling Spellsinger Deathling Spellsinger Artwork 11.80
Deepling Guard Deepling Guard Artwork 9.4
Deepling Scout Deepling Scout Artwork 9.1
Deepling Spellsinger Deepling Spellsinger Artwork 9.4
Deepling Warrior Deepling Warrior Artwork 9.4
Deepling Worker Deepling Worker Artwork 9.4
Deepworm Deepworm Artwork 11.50
Demon Outcast Demon Outcast Artwork 10.3
Destroyer Destroyer Artwork 7.9
Diremaw Diremaw Artwork 11.50
Draken Abomination Draken Abomination Artwork 8.6
Draken Elite Draken Elite Artwork 8.6
Draken Spellweaver Draken Spellweaver Artwork 8.54
Draken Warmaster Draken Warmaster Artwork 8.54
Dread Intruder Dread Intruder Artwork 10.94
Earth Elemental Earth Elemental Artwork 8.2
Elder Wyrm Elder Wyrm Artwork 10.1
Emerald Damselfly Emerald Damselfly Artwork 9.8
Energy Elemental Energy Elemental Artwork 8.2
Enraged Crystal Golem Enraged Crystal Golem Artwork 9.6
Enslaved Dwarf Enslaved Dwarf Artwork 9.6
Execowtioner Execowtioner Artwork 10.5
Falcon Knight Falcon Knight Artwork 11.80
Faun Faun Artwork 11.40
Feverish Citizen Feverish Citizen Artwork 9.1
Fish (Creature) Fish (Creature) Artwork 9.4
Floating Savant Floating Savant Artwork 11.80
Forest Fury Forest Fury Artwork 10.1
Fox Fox Artwork 11.50
Frazzlemaw Frazzlemaw Artwork 10.3
Freakish Lost Soul Freakish Lost Soul Artwork 12.30
Frost Dragon Frost Dragon Artwork 8.0
Frost Giant Frost Giant Artwork 8.0
Frost Giantess Frost Giantess Artwork 8.0
Gazer Spectre Gazer Spectre Artwork 12.00
Ghastly Dragon Ghastly Dragon Artwork 8.54
Gnarlhound Gnarlhound Artwork 8.54
Goblin Goblin Artwork 6.1
Goblin Assassin Goblin Assassin Artwork 8.2
Goblin Scavenger Goblin Scavenger Artwork 8.2
Gozzler Gozzler Artwork 8.4
Gravedigger Gravedigger Artwork 10.1
Grim Reaper Grim Reaper Artwork 8.2
Grimeleech Grimeleech Artwork 10.90
Gryphon Gryphon Artwork 12.20
Guzzlemaw Guzzlemaw Artwork 10.3
Hand of Cursed Fate Hand of Cursed Fate Artwork 7.9
Haunted Treeling Haunted Treeling Artwork 8.4
Hellflayer Hellflayer Artwork 10.90
Hellhound Hellhound Artwork 7.9
Hellspawn Hellspawn Artwork 8.4
Hideous Fungus Hideous Fungus Artwork 9.6
Humongous Fungus Humongous Fungus Artwork 9.6
Ice Golem Ice Golem Artwork 8.0
Ink Blob Ink Blob Artwork 11.80
Insect Swarm Insect Swarm Artwork 8.54
Insectoid Scout Insectoid Scout Artwork 9.1
Ironblight Ironblight Artwork 9.6
Jellyfish Jellyfish Artwork 9.4
Knowledge Elemental Knowledge Elemental Artwork 11.80
Kollos Kollos Artwork 9.4
Ladybug Ladybug Artwork 9.4
Lamassu Lamassu Artwork 12.20
Lancer Beetle Lancer Beetle Artwork 8.54
Lava Golem Lava Golem Artwork 9.6
Lava Lurker Lava Lurker Artwork 11.50
Leaf Golem Leaf Golem Artwork 10.1
Lizard Chosen Lizard Chosen Artwork 8.54
Lizard Dragon Priest Lizard Dragon Priest Artwork 8.54
Lizard High Guard Lizard High Guard Artwork 8.54
Lizard Legionnaire Lizard Legionnaire Artwork 8.54
Lizard Zaogun Lizard Zaogun Artwork 8.54
Lost Basher Lost Basher Artwork 9.8
Lost Berserker Lost Berserker Artwork 9.6
Lost Husher Lost Husher Artwork 9.8
Lost Soul Lost Soul Artwork 7.9
Lumbering Carnivor Lumbering Carnivor Artwork 12.00
Mad Mage Mad Mage Artwork 9.1
Magma Crawler Magma Crawler Artwork 9.6
Mammoth Mammoth Artwork 7.8
Manta Ray Manta Ray Artwork 9.4
Manticore Manticore Artwork 12.20
Marsh Stalker Marsh Stalker Artwork 9.8
Massive Earth Elemental Massive Earth Elemental Artwork 8.2
Massive Energy Elemental Massive Energy Elemental Artwork 8.2
Massive Water Elemental Massive Water Elemental Artwork 7.8
Medusa Medusa Artwork 8.5
Menacing Carnivor Menacing Carnivor Artwork 12.00
Mercury Blob Mercury Blob Artwork 8.4
Metal Gargoyle Metal Gargoyle Artwork 10.5
Minotaur Amazon Minotaur Amazon Artwork 10.5
Minotaur Hunter Minotaur Hunter Artwork 10.5
Mooh'Tah Warrior Mooh'Tah Warrior Artwork 10.5
Moohtant Moohtant Artwork 10.5
Mutated Bat Mutated Bat Artwork 8.4
Mutated Human Mutated Human Artwork 8.4
Mutated Rat Mutated Rat Artwork 8.4
Mutated Tiger Mutated Tiger Artwork 8.4
Nightmare Nightmare Artwork 7.9
Nightmare Scion Nightmare Scion Artwork 8.4
Nightstalker Nightstalker Artwork 8.4
Northern Pike (Creature) Northern Pike (Creature) Artwork 9.4
Nymph Nymph Artwork 11.40
Ogre Brute Ogre Brute Artwork 10.90
Ogre Savage Ogre Savage Artwork 10.90
Ogre Shaman Ogre Shaman Artwork 10.90
Orc Marauder Orc Marauder Artwork 8.54
Orewalker Orewalker Artwork 9.6
Penguin Penguin Artwork 8.0
Pigeon Pigeon Artwork 9.8
Pixie Pixie Artwork 11.40
Pooka Pooka Artwork 11.40
Priestess of the Wild Sun Priestess of the Wild Sun Artwork 12.20
Rage Squid Rage Squid Artwork 11.80
Raging Mage Raging Mage Artwork 9.1
Reality Reaver Reality Reaver Artwork 10.94
Retching Horror Retching Horror Artwork 10.3
Ripper Spectre Ripper Spectre Artwork 12.00
Roaring Lion Roaring Lion Artwork 10.7
Rorc Rorc Artwork 10.1
Salamander Salamander Artwork 9.8
Sandcrawler Sandcrawler Artwork 8.54
Sandstone Scorpion Sandstone Scorpion Artwork 9.1
Sea Serpent Sea Serpent Artwork 8.2
Seacrest Serpent Seacrest Serpent Artwork 10.7
Shaburak Demon Shaburak Demon Artwork 9.1
Shaburak Lord Shaburak Lord Artwork 9.1
Shaburak Prince Shaburak Prince Artwork 9.1
Shadow Pupil Shadow Pupil Artwork 10.1
Shark Shark Artwork 9.4
Shock Head Shock Head Artwork 10.3
Sight of Surrender Sight of Surrender Artwork 10.3
Silencer Silencer Artwork 10.3
Silver Rabbit Silver Rabbit Artwork 8.0
Slime Slime Artwork Pre-6.0
Slug Slug Artwork 9.1
Souleater Souleater Artwork 8.6
Sparkion Sparkion Artwork 10.94
Spectre Spectre Artwork 7.9
Sphinx Sphinx Artwork 12.20
Spidris Spidris Artwork 9.4
Spiky Carnivor Spiky Carnivor Artwork 12.00
Spitter Spitter Artwork 9.4
Stone Devourer Stone Devourer Artwork 9.6
Stonerefiner Stonerefiner Artwork 11.50
Swampling Swampling Artwork 9.8
Swan Maiden Swan Maiden Artwork 11.40
Swarmer Swarmer Artwork 9.4
Tarnished Spirit Tarnished Spirit Artwork 10.1
Terramite Terramite Artwork 8.54
Terrorsleep Terrorsleep Artwork 10.3
Thanatursus Thanatursus Artwork 12.00
True Midnight Asura True Midnight Asura Artwork 11.80
Tunnel Tyrant Tunnel Tyrant Artwork 11.50
Undead Dragon Undead Dragon Artwork 7.9
Undead Gladiator Undead Gladiator Artwork 8.4
Vampire Bride Vampire Bride Artwork 8.4
Vampire Viscount Vampire Viscount Artwork 10.1
Vexclaw Vexclaw Artwork 10.90
Vicious Manbat Vicious Manbat Artwork 10.1
Vulcongra Vulcongra Artwork 9.6
Wailing Widow Wailing Widow Artwork 8.54
Waspoid Waspoid Artwork 9.4
Water Buffalo Water Buffalo Artwork 9.8
Water Elemental Water Elemental Artwork 7.8
Weeper Weeper Artwork 9.6
Werebadger Werebadger Artwork 10.8
Werebear Werebear Artwork 10.8
Wereboar Wereboar Artwork 10.8
Werefox Werefox Artwork 11.50
Werewolf Werewolf Artwork 8.4
White Deer White Deer Artwork 9.1
White Shade White Shade Artwork 10.1
Wiggler Wiggler Artwork 9.6
Wilting Leaf Golem Wilting Leaf Golem Artwork 10.1
Winter Wolf Winter Wolf Artwork 6.2
Wolf Wolf Artwork Pre-6.0
Worker Golem Worker Golem Artwork 8.4
Worm Priestess Worm Priestess Artwork 10.5
Wyrm Wyrm Artwork 8.2
Yielothax Yielothax Artwork 9.1
Young Goanna Young Goanna Artwork 12.20
Zombie Zombie Artwork 8.4

Additional Creature Artworks

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