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Create Beer
No Dwarve can resist a good mug of Jimbin's beer and this spell will one day allow you to create such beer with a few simple ingredients. Collect the hair of a troll, a mushroom of any sort, a small amount of soul from the mad mage valley, some water from around the mad mage valley and the silence befire dawn. Place the ingredients into a flask of the mad mage valley water, cork it and boil it. Remove the cork and pour a small amount of the potion into a cup and shake it. Now we have to find out how to bring in the silence gefore dawn in an appropriate way. You should then have a full cup of beer if all works as calculated so far. We estimate one potion should be a weeks suply of beer if you minimize your drinking to 7 mugs a day.
(Oh, and don't tell jimbin about this spell)

Those are the findings. It was also found that the water that flows by the mad mage valley is quite magical. One of our mages suggested that it is the "soul of the sea".

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