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Dear Flora,
I just returned from my visit to the kings court in Thais. Along with other nobles I was invited to a diner with the crown prince of Thais Rodmund II. He seems a rather shy and reclusive boy. We had not the chance to talk much to him but if it were not for his advisors, the brothers Wisbert and Madol, the heads of the church of Uman and Zathroth respectively, I'd fear for the wellbeing of the realm. The boy seems pale and unhealthy. He had obvious problems to follow any conversation and word at the court is that the untimely death of his father made the boy even more timid then he was before. We were assured though, that the council of nobles and the two grand priests of the both most influential churches were guiding him and leading his hand. The brothers Wisbert and Madol were indeed impressive men of wisdom and charisma. Their eloquence was almost intimidating and beyond their calm demeanor I sensed some kind of animosity between them. Perhaps it was just their way though and their witty remarks and retorts fooled me. They are brothers after all. Both are men with vision though and when they both fully agreed on how our realm should handle the challenges ahead I'm confident these brilliant men will grant security and stability for our beloved country.
I also visited the royal stables and let me tell you, that you'd might be in for a nice surprise when I return home.
Count Allstio sends his regards. He feels sorry that he won't be able to attend our summer feast but he'll be on an expedition to some foreign land by then. You know Allstio and how secretive he can be (I even heard he built some sort of cryptlike retreat in that awful Greenclaw Swamp) so this is all of information I can offer you.
I hope you and the kids are well,

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