You see a courage leech.
  • Hiss.
  • Zap! Zap!


Courage leeches are not actual entities but an actual manifestation of a void that the loss of courage by the souls in Zarganash leaves behind. All the more does the animalistic intelligence that they display mock such origins. Yet as it was the realm of Zagarnash that gave birth to them, this fact might only be an expression of some cosmic law that makes everything in Zarganash a twisted mockery of sane expectations. The courage leech are not actually leeching courage but they poison their victim's soul with a numbing enchantment that makes their targets prone to their fearsome attacks. They carry desperation and fear like a disease they spread, albeit involuntarily. While their own intention is probably more mundane, the stealing of essence and the spread of inner corruption is what makes the leeches extremely dangerous, especially for the living. Even more disturbing is the fact, that even when someone survives their attacks or overcomes them, the attacks of the leeches leave a spiritual scaring on the soul that never truly recovers. The interpretation of such scaring differs wildly. The most common interpretation is, that the soul is actually damaged if not diseased and that even to most pious, devout and pristine souls can be affected. This scaring is unaffected by any magical means known to men and seems not to heal on its own, even over an extended period of time. The death cultists of Ankrahmun see it as a permanent damage to one's soul, yet they claim to be able to repair the souls of true believers in elaborate rituals. In some rare cases souls harmed that way recovered seemingly on their own, but such occurrences are so rare that only anecdotal evidence exists and no reproducible steps could be determined. Some enchantments might provide a temporary shield that prevents the wounding in the first place but the few techniques to acquire such shields are closely guarded and seem to come with heavy penalties for the user. The leeches seem to have an affinity for the entity known as the unwelcome and are drawn to areas where it thrives. Given their nature it seems unlikely if they are allied, so it's up to speculation if they somehow leech on the action of the welcome or if is somehow using them for unknown purposes.

It only drops a Bag You Desire for players with at least one of Goshnar's Taints. The more taints you have, the higher the chance. The Bag is always dropped inside a Reward Container so there's no risk of leaving it behind in the creature's corpse.


Physical Damage Melee (0-700)
Energy Damage Spark Ball on itself (1100-1400)
Energy Damage Energy Ball (1100-1300)
Energy Damage Energy Chain (900-1000; chains through nearby characters)
Holy Damage Divine Missile (1100-1300)

Damage Taken From Elements

Physical Bestiary Physical Icon Big.gif
Death Cursed Icon Big.gif
Holy Dazzled Icon Big.gif
Ice Freezing Icon Big.gif
Fire Burning Icon Big.gif
Energy Electrified Icon Big.gif
Earth Poisoned Icon Big.gif


Furious Crater.


Attacks from distance.

A courage leech attacks in melee range. A courage leech will retreat at 1 to 1079 (0% - 4%, deep red) health.


Use as much Energy and Holy protection as possible. Be very careful when moving around the spawn as one extra creature can be very hard for the team to deal with. As a shooter, always stay far from it so you aren't hit by its area attacks around itself.


On December 01, 2020, its experience was decreased from 29,900 to 23,920, and its loot drop rate was decreased in 15%. It didn't walk over Poison Fields until March 09, 2021, when this behavior was changed.

Its experience was reduced from 23,920 to 21,500 with the balancing changes on April 15, 2021. Its experience was further reduced to 18,900 with the changes on June 01, 2021.


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