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Cannos, Planegazer and Coadjutor of the Scriptorum

Abbridged report of council meeting (a strange number or sign you cannot quite decipher follows), held with selected audience.

There is a dispute among the council and headmaster Dolis. The council advised prudence, to stay vigilant as we always have. The head seems to want the contrary. In the time between this meeting and the last, he ordered to built at least two additional forges already and demanded Cannos to copy all of our previous records at least twice. It's not manageable anymore, I already contacted one of my suppliers but it's just not possible to press any harder. Furthermore, it does not look like this dispute is going to end well, the council will not have anymore of these escapades. As was evident by several open remarks or to quote Sentif: "If headmaster Dolis conceits himself to be some kind of benevolent autocrat, that's fine but that would also mean the end of his role as the head of this society. We are not a... (loud interjections) ... please, we are not a royal household, Dolis is not a king and this is certainly not a war! (louder and impertinent interjections)".

The general consent was that if Dolis continues to press the research, the council will be forced to take steps. The headmaster defended himself, and I quote: "We do not yet know what awaits us and we cannot afford to take this lightly. The more we know about the this entity, the better and the faster we learn, the safer we can sleep. (very loud and sometimes mocking remarks, several rebukes from council-members towards the audience) We have evidence that (laughter) ... evidence that this being is sentient and watching us - but for how long? It may be watching us, following our every word, every snide remark of yours and everything we plan - right now! (abrupt silence in the audience, the headmaster paused). Now, I will bow to the council but you cannot stop me in taking my own precautions. In the interest of this whole society and everyone's future we try to protect, we have to contain the Planestrider. (Dolis leaves, the council members jump from their seats with harsh remarks, the audience bursts into loud discussions).

Personal comment: the Head Planegazer is growing weary of waiting, he demands results. His reckless behaviour will endanger the whole society as well as himself. He could jeopardise everything including everyone's safety, he so valiantly tries to protect. We can only hope he will abide to the will of the council. We all share a common goal, this is no group you can just leave, nor can we put any reprisals on our members. Our credo is to prevent panic, not to give it more room. "Canvas your knowledge, veil the end." Dolis should remember what this is all about.

Preliminaries: I will talk to forgemaster Logur to continue analysing the replicas and enhance our equipment. We will see what we can do but it's not possible to go any faster, we're working day an night as it is.

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