Corpses are bodies of dead Creatures and Humans. Some of them can be sold to NPCs, others can be skinned, while others - which are Daily Respawns, thus not decaying - used as decoration. As a general rule corpses which are larger than 1 square or 32 x 32 pixels can not be carried. An exception to this are Troll corpses, which are 40 x 32 pixels in size.


Name Decay Image Vol. Weight Corpse of
Dead Bat Dead Bat 14 63.00 Bat.
Dead Behemoth Dead Behemoth 15 Behemoth.
Dead Black Sheep Dead Black Sheep 5 700.00 Black Sheep.
Dead Cat Dead Cat 5 82.00 Cat.
Dead Centipede Dead Centipede 5 Centipede.
Dead Chicken Dead Chicken 5 63.00 Chicken
Dead Cockroach Dead Cockroach 5 Cockroach
Dead Dragon Dead Dragon 52 Dragon.
Dead Dragon Lord Dead Dragon Lord 56 Dragon Lord.
Dead Frog Dead Frog 9 54.00 Azure Frog, Coral Frog, Crimson Frog, Green Frog, Infernal Frog, Orchid Frog, The Frog Prince.
Dead Hellhound Dead Hellhound 20 Hellhound.
Dead Human Dead Human 10 600.00 Dead characters.
Dead Island Troll Dead Island Troll 7 600.00 Island Troll.
Dead Juggernaut Dead Juggernaut 10 Juggernaut.
Dead Kongra Dead Kongra 7 Kongra.
Dead Lizard Sentinel Dead Lizard Sentinel 7 Lizard Sentinel.
Dead Lizard Snakecharmer Dead Lizard Snakecharmer 7 Lizard Snakecharmer.
Dead Lizard Templar Dead Lizard Templar 7 Lizard Templar.
Dead Medusa Dead Medusa 10 Medusa.
Dead Merklin Dead Merklin 7 Merklin.
Dead Minotaur Dead Minotaur 10 1300.00 Minotaur.
Dead Minotaur Archer Dead Minotaur Archer 10 1400.00 Minotaur Archer.
Dead Minotaur Guard Dead Minotaur Guard 10 1500.00 Minotaur Guard.
Dead Minotaur Mage Dead Minotaur Mage 10 1400.00 Minotaur Mage.
Dead Noble Lion Dead Noble Lion 10 0.00 Noble Lion.
Dead Rabbit Dead Rabbit 5 54.00 Rabbit.
Dead Rat Dead Rat 5 63.00 Rat, Cave Rat, Munster
Dead Roaring Lion Dead Roaring Lion 10 0.00 Roaring Lion.
Dead Sibang Dead Sibang 7 Sibang.
Dead Snake Dead Snake 12.00 Snake.
Dead Swamp Troll Dead Swamp Troll 7 600.00 Swamp Troll.
Dead Troll Dead Troll 7 600.00 Troll.
Dead Wolf Dead Wolf 5 260.00 Wolf.
Dead Yeti Dead Yeti 11 0.00 Yeti.
Demonic Residue Demonic Residue 10 Ushuriel, Zugurosh, Madareth, Latrivan, Golgordan, Annihilon and Hellgorak.
Overlord's Ashes Overlord's Ashes Lord of the Elements.
Slain Bonebeast Slain Bonebeast 7 Bonebeast.
Slain Demon Slain Demon 15 Demon, Orshabaal, Ungreez.
Slain Ghoul Slain Ghoul 12 640.00 Ghoul.
Slain Mutated Pumpkin Slain Mutated Pumpkin The Mutated Pumpkin.
Slain Skeleton Slain Skeleton 12 400.00 Skeleton.
Slain Vampire Slain Vampire 28 780.00 Vampire.
The Dead Glitterscale The Dead Glitterscale Glitterscale.
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