You see a cookie.
It weighs 0.10 oz.
  • Crunch.


Looks the same as an Exploding Cookie.

How to Bake Cookies



  1. Get the milk into a trough or bucket.
  2. Use flour with milk. You will get Lump of Cake Dough.
  3. Use the Lump of Cake Dough on the Baking Tray. You will get a Baking Tray with cookie dough on it.
  4. Use the baking tray with an oven. You will get 12 Cookies.
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4 can be found at a daily spawn in Wyda's house and 27 are obtained in the Emperors Cookies Quest.
20 of these are needed during the Krailos Quest, 10 of them are needed in the Hot Cuisine Quest, and 2 are needed in the Treasure Hunt Quest.
Bake 20 trays of cookies (240 cookies in total) in order to gain the Cookie Monster achievement.
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