Convince Creature Runes are used in battle on creatures to convert them to your side.
Some Creatures can not be Summoned but they can be convinced.
Unlike Summoned Creatures, convinced creatures can drop loot (unless a summoned creature is convinced).
Also, on PvP worlds, a player's summon (excluding monks) can be caused to defect from your enemy and fight for you, or, as a paladin or a knight, you can convince creatures summoned by a mage; for instance a paladin can pay a mage to summon a demon skeleton and can convince it to help him hunt dragons.

NOTE: This strategy doesn't work anymore. As of Aug 09, 2011 convincing other players' summon is not possible anymore.

Manapoints and Level needed to Convince

Manapoints Creature Knights Paladins Mages
Level Level Level
200Rat, Badger, Skunk411914
210Spider 432014
220Dog, Rabbit, Chicken, Squirrel452115
250Sheep, Black Sheep, Bug, Cave Rat, Flamingo, Parrot, Bat512316
255Pig, Wolf522316
260Deer, Winter Wolf532316
290Goblin, Troll592517
300Bear, Frost Troll, Orc, Skeleton, Panda612617
305Rotworm, Crab622617
310Orc Spearman632718
315Polar Bear 642718
320Lion, Dwarf, Elf652718
330Minotaur 672818
350Crocodile 712919
360Elf Scout, Dwarf Soldier, Orc Warrior733019
380Carrion Worm 773120
390Amazon, Minotaur Archer, Smuggler793220
420Wild Warrior, War Wolf, Tiger, Nomad853421
445Tortoise 903622
450Ghoul, Valkyrie, Assassin, Bandit913622
480Dark Monk, Quara Mantassin973823
490Cyclops, Orc Rider, Pirate Marauder, Terror Bird, Thornback Tortoise993924
500Elephant 1013924
505Blood Crab 1024024
510Mummy 1034025
530Fire Devil, Hunter1074125
550Minotaur Guard 1114326
560Lizard Sentinel 1134326
580Crypt Shambler 1174527
590Stone Golem, Orc Berserker1194527
595Pirate Buccaneer 1204627
620Demon Skeleton 1254728
640Orc Leader 1294929
650Dwarf Guard 1314929
775Pirate Corsair 1565833
800Dreadbeast 1616034

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