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Researchpaper 56-09 A
We lost three mages in our last attempt at performing a controlled demon summoning. It is still too difficult to predict in what way the fabric of time and space is affected by the breach of the sphere, and from what we have seen the backlash of nature against demonic incursion can range from a slightly offensive odour to a sizeable explosion such as the one we saw yesterday. I am personally disappointed to observe that the elemental protection spells we put up did not work at all. Perhaps there is some truth in the reports that the unleashed energy is of purely entropical nature. We have yet to decide whether or not it makes sense to create an entropic counterspell first, but I support the idea that the loss of manpower while trying to balance the spell is manageable. It is possible, though, that this will lead to no convincing result at all due to the uncontrollable nature of the demonic realm. If this should be the case the use of entropic countermagic is the only option left.
By the way: The summoning of lesser creatures, the so-called 'reds', progressed comparatively well. Of course, these creatures are mere borderdwellers and may consequently not be considered true demons. However, it may prove that the development of summoning spells for 'reds' will prove a rewarding spin-off of demon summoning research.

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