The console is found directly below the Game Window. It's reserved for communication with other players and casting spells. You can talk to players on your Game Window in the Default channel, yell to players who are nearby but off your Game Window or whisper to players beside your character.

The console area is divided on four parts: channel tabs, control icons, scrolling text for reading messages, text field for typing messages.

Channel tabs

When no other channels are open, the Local Chat and the "Server Log" are the only tabs open. All texts such as players' messages are shown on the Local Chat, while all info, event and status messages can be visible on the Server Log (when appropriate options in settings are set).

Other channels that can be open and visible in these tabs are:

You can arrange tabs by dragging them with mouse holding left button pressed on them. Single click left button simply switches channel to be visible in scrolling text part of console, thus making them active.

When a message arrives to the channel which isn't currently active, its tab temporarily turns white, and after short moment turns red indicating that there are messages not read yet.

Control icons

There are some icons in top-right corner of console area. By clicking them with left mouse button you can perform some actions on channels.

  • Channel Close - to close active channel (Ctrl+E). You cannot close Local Chat and Server Log channels.
  • Channel Open - to open new channel (Ctrl+O). A dialog window will appear, where you can select one of public channels or enter player's name, to open private chat with this player.
  • Server Messages - to allow server messages appear in active channel (Ctrl+M).
  • Ignore White List - to open Edit Ignore List and White List dialog window (Ctrl+I). In this window you can add or delete players to the ignore list or white list, as well as set options with these lists. This icon temporarily turns red when someone who you currently ignore sends a message to you.

Scrolling text area

Here you can read arrived messages. Colours of them are important and these are:

  • Yellow - normal messages from other players.
  • Red - server messages.
  • Green - info messages such as: "You see an item. It weigh xx oz." Only when appropriate option is turned on in settings.
  • White - game event or status messages, such as "You advanced from level xx to level yy." or "You lose nn points by attack of creature." Only when appropriate option is turned on in settings.
  • Cyan - private messages from other players. Such messages appear in Default channel when private chat channel with that player was not open yet.
  • Blueviolet - messages sent to other players privately by you.

By using the scroller on the right side of this area or roller-wheel in mouse you can scroll this area to any earlier messages.

When appropriate options in settings are turned on, messages appearing in this area can be timestamped (it's your local time, not server time) and/or messages that are from another players can contain levels of these players displayed in brackets near their names. Example of timestamped and level containing message:

12:15 Somebody[25]: Hiho!

You can drag mouse with pressed left mouse button over the text to select part of it and press Ctrl+C (see description of shortcut keys below) to copy selected fragment into the clipboard. When such text contains a hyperlink (starting from "http://"), before text is copied to the clipboard, a warning dialog will appear. Remember, that many links could be unsafe. You must then click "Yes" button in this dialog to copy link text when you are sure that this link is safe.

When you right-click on any message, you can select from the context menu other commands: to copy message, to copy name of a player who sent it, to ignore this player (e.g when he spams channel), to add player's name to your VIP list or to open Private Chat Channel with that player.

Text field

You can type in your message if you want to send it to other players. There are some chat commands to do some actions or change level of voice when speaking to other people. And you can send private message to any player by typing:

*nickname* message text

There is a small icon on the left side of text field. By clicking it with left mouse button you can switch it to another shape and change level of voice when you are sending messages to other players:

  • Voice Say - message will be said normally ("Player says: ..."). Only players who are visible in Game Window can see this message.
  • Voice Yell - message will be yeld ("Player yells: ..."). You can yell something to players in Game Window and to those who are not visible in Game Window but are nearby off it. You can yell once for 30 seconds.
  • Voice Whisper - message will be whispered to the players who are beside your character ("Player whispers: ..."). Another players will only see "Player whispers: pspsps" message.

Shortcut keys

Also, there are some shortcut keys to easily perform some operations on text or other actions in console. Some of them can be used in text fields in dialog windows as well.

Text editing

  •  Shift+ or  Shift+ - to move cursor one character left or right.
  •  Shift+ or  Shift+ - to get previous or next message in message history (messages which you have sent earlier).
  • Ctrl+A - to select all text in the text field.
  • Ctrl+X - to cut selected text into the clipboard.
  • Ctrl+C - to copy selected text into the clipboard.
  • Ctrl+V - to paste text from the clipboard to the cursor position.

Channel actions

  • Tab - to switch to next channel in the channel tabs area.
  •  Shift+Tab - to switch to previous channel in the channel tabs area.
  • Ctrl+D - to switch to Local Chat channel (it's always open).
  • Ctrl+O - to open a new channel (chosen in dialog window).
  • Ctrl+E - to close currently active channel.
  • Ctrl+M - to turn on or off server messages in the current channel.
  • Ctrl+I - to open Edit Ignore List and White List dialog window.
  • Ctrl+T - to open Help channel.

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