There are several different types of combat in Tibia. We will look at all of these.

Creature Combat

To attack a creature, open up the context menu by right clicking on the creature you wish to attack, then select Attack from this menu. A red frame will appear around the creature you are attacking and as soon as you are in range, you will start to attack it. The creature may attack you as well, in which case and black frame will flash from the creature that is attacking. If you continue to attack the creature you will either kill it, or it will kill you. Once the creature is dead, you will gain experience. The amount of experience you gain depends on the creature you kill. For example: Rats will only give you 5 experience whereas a dragon will give you 700 experience. The amount of experience is usually proportional to the HP of the creature. The amount of experience rewarded often reflects the difficulty of the creature. If there are more than one players attacking the same creature the experience rewarded is split according to how much damage each person does to that creature. For example: Two players attack one Cave Rat, each player does 15 damage to that Cave Rat, each player will get 5 experience. If three people were attacking the same Cave Rat, and each player did 10 damage, each player would be rewarded 3 experience.

Player Versus Player Combat

On occasion and if your world allowes it, there will be players killing each other. This is known as PKing or Player Killing. Players will go about this the same way that you would to kill a creature, however, there is no experience involved with the kill, unless you are on a PvP-Enforced world. Most players do not enjoy Player Killing and would much rather be killing creatures.


When a creature or a human is killed, they can drop items. You can get to these items much the same way as you would attack that creature. Right-click on the dead creature or player to open the context menu. Once open click on the Open option. You will not be able to open the corpse unless you have delt the most damage on the creature or if you are member of a party were a player made most damage to a creature. This will open up a display on the right hand side of your screen. In this display will be little boxes. If the creature contains items, you can click, hold, and drag the item into a container in your inventory. This brings up the concept of capacity. Each vocation has a certain amount of capacity according to the level of the character. Knights have the most capacity, while Druids and Sorcerers have the least. If you do not have enough capacity when attempting to take an item, you will be unable to take it and a message will be displayed at the bottom of your screen stating This item weighs too much. In order to take that item, you must put it into another Container and throw it along the ground, or you must drop other items in your inventory.
Note: If 2 people dealt equal damage, the first attacker is able to loot the corpse.

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