You see a coconut.
It weighs 4.80 oz.
  • Slurp.


Before the summer update 2005, coconuts were very rare as they were only dropped by Demons. Since they are now dropped by Sibangs instead, they have drastically dropped in value. Putting a Blood Herb over 10 Coconuts will make a very nice decoration background.

You can make Coconut Milk from them by using a Juice Squeezer on it.

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Needed in The Paradox Tower Quest. 7 vials of Coconut Milk are needed for the Hot Cuisine Quest.

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This item was once only lootable from Demons. Therefore, they used to have a price range of 2,000 - 8,000 gp each. After Sibangs were introduced they became much easier to obtain, and go for a price of anywhere from nothing at all to 3 gp each.

Dropped By

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SessekMarapur8 Gold

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Players only.