The Cube Effect.gif

When someone is fighting Scarlett Etzel in the Bastion, players around the area (including those in the fight) may receive a series of orange messages on their screen, possibly followed by The Cube Effect. These messages are related to different things and may be different for each character. So far, the following messages have been discovered:

Note:Some of this aren't still completely verified.
Note²:It's currently unclear if the messages mean anything else related to an Achievement or the Opticording Sphere Quest or if they are just flavor.

Message Requisite
I...see you. Always received.
Planegazer. Received by those who have defeated the Last Planegazer.
And you almost robbed me blind, <vocation>. Impressive. Received if you have opened all 10 Brass-Shod Chests in the Bastion.
The night will not shield you. If it's night when the message is received.
You are cursed This one is not received by players who have tossed coins on the Bastion's balcony.
Oberon was wrong, he should never have gone to Zao. You rightfully ended his reign. Received by those who have defeated Grand Master Oberon.
I like that panther of yours...dark and mysterious like the middle of the night. Received by those who have tamed a Midnight Panther.
The navigator...you've been there. He tells only his side of story. Recieved by those who have talked to Navigator during the Liquid Black Quest.
How nice of you to help out Spectulus, I once knew him in my youth. So he, too, is still around. Probably received by those who have finished one or all of the quests given by Spectulus (Sea of Light Quest and Jack to the Future Quest).
You tasted death and put your name on it. Received if you have a Ring of Ending in your inventory, even if you have never created one yourself.
And you carry a rope, how handy and thoughtful. Reminds me of someone, always kept one with him, too... Received if you have a Rope in your inventory.