The Cobra Bastion is the fortress of the Order of the Cobra. It's similar to the Falcon Bastion both in structure and in story, since the leader of the Order of the Cobra, Scarlett Etzel, is the sister of Grand Master Oberon. The Bastion can only be accessed by players of level 250 or higher.

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Part of the Grave Danger Quest takes part here.
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The following secrets are hidden in the Bastion:

  • The Order of the Cobra Compendium is a collection of documents found in the bastion that tell the story of the Order of the Cobra.
  • You will find several Brass-Shod Chests in the Bastion, which can be used once every 24 hours. From them you can get a items such as Cobra Crests, Life Rings, Death Rings, 8 Platinum Coins, Gold Ingot, Banana Chocolate Shake and others.
  • If you use a Flask with Snake Poison on the Large Cauldron on the second floor, here, all the Cobras will start spawning with 75% of their total hitpoints. The effect lasts for 30 minutes.
  • Sometimes while inside the Bastion several Rats will be summoned stacked with a character.
  • While killing the minibosses, there's a small chance that Ugly Monsters will spawn. If they do, you should kill them quickly, as they may drop any item of the very valuable Cobra Set.
  • Sometimes when walking around the Bastion while another player is killing Scarlett Etzel, you'll receive several orange messages from Scarlett herself. These messages seem to mention several things they character has done in the game, such as taming a Midnight Panther and creating a Ring of Ending. After these messages you may also see a display of The Cube Effect.
  • You can find the Key 0303 here to unlock some of the Bastion doors, including those on the floor its found.
  • You can find a vial with oil inside a chest on the ground floor. It can be used to light on fire the vines that close the entrance to the 4th floor from the ground.
  • If you move Gaffir's corpse to the Fire Basin at the center of his room, and then step on the carpet with the price tag, you'll be sent to a secret room here where you'll find the last part of the Chess Game moves.
  • On the basement, you can reach the room with a Cart Packed with Gold after defeating Custodian. If you protect the Cart from the Cobras and clear the path from Clutters on its way, you can kill it at its destination where you can supposedly get a valuable loot. Furthermore, the Cart will some times drop some Wheel Oil which can be used on it to jump a few tiles.
  • If you toss a Gold Coin, Platinum Coin or Crystal Coin on the floor of the balcony, here, several Light Effects will be displayed, as well as this message: You made it whole again... the curse is lifted..

Cobra Members

NameExpHPMax. DamageLoot
Cobra Scout.gif
Cobra Scout
Cobra Assassin.gif
Cobra Assassin
Cobra Vizier.gif
Cobra Vizier

Special Creatures

NameExpHPMax. DamageLoot
Cart Packed with Gold.gif
Cart Packed with Gold
Ugly Monster.gif
Ugly Monster

Minibosses and Boss

NameExpHPMax. DamageLoot
Guard Captain Quaid.gif
Guard Captain Quaid
Scarlett Etzel.gif
Scarlett Etzel
55030,0003500 without UE, 10000 with UE