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Coalblack and the Seven Elves.
Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful dwarven girl in a humble settlement. The girl was called Coalblack. She was so pretty that seven elven men travelled to the settlement to see her beauty. But the girl feared that the elves just wanted to steal her underwear to dance around in it in the morning mists. So she asked her friend, a big wolf, to help her. The wolf put on boots and a red cape and ate some chalk to smooth his voice. Impersonating little Coalblack, he lured the elves into the darkest woods. But the elves dropped their clothes in the woods to be able to trace back the way they had taken. In the middle of the forest the elves found a magic mirror. They asked the mirror: 'Mirror, mirror in the forest, tell us whom you most adorest' And the mirror spoke 'You naked elves are pathetic!' The elves turned around and were deeply offended. 'What a bunch of incredible bums!' the mirror said. The stupid elves misunderstood the mirror and felt so flattered and cajoled that they built a gingerbread house around it and lived there happily ever after.

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