Tibia Client

The Tibia Client is a program one installs on their computer and then runs in order to play Tibia. Speaking in general, a client is a computer system that accesses a (remote) service on another computer by some kind of network (see Client).

Currently there is only one client version that exists: Tibia 11, which is available on on three platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, however only the Windows version is officially supported by CipSoft GmbH. Both Windows and Mac OS clients use rolling release distribution schemes, that is, in principle one is only required to download and install Tibia once. All subsequent game updates and patches will then be automatically downloaded and applied by the game launcher. This is however not the case for the Linux platform and thus players on that platform require manually downloading the new client version after each update.

To prevent cheating in game, the client also initializes in parallel another service called BattlEye which shields the game from injections of malicious software and bots.

Previous Clients

At various points in time, Tibia had up to three available clients, apart from Tibia 11 there also were:

  • Tibia 10 was the initial standalone client developed by CipSoft GmbH. It was used from Tibia's inception up until October 26, 2017 when it was deprecated in favour of a more modern and robust Tibia 11 solution.
  • Flash Client was a client used for playing in a Web browser and thus required no download. It was announced in 2008 and released in alpha (testing) and beta stages in 2011. The beta label was removed on August 29, 2012. Due to the Adobe Flash's demise, CipSoft GmbH decided to deprecate the Flash Client on October 26, 2017 and since that date is no longer possible to access the game through it.
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