Property Value
Aliases Backpack Quest, Feather Hat Quest
Est. Length
Quest Log
Level 0
(10+ recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 7.8
August 1, 2006
Status Active


Your basic starter outfit - simple, but practical. If you are looking to earn addons for this outfit, you should walk around Thais and look for citizens wearing a hat or a backpack.


Hanna (Thais), Lubo (south of Mount Sternum)


Minotaurs, Chickens, Wasps and/or Bears.


Addons for the Citizen Outfits and the achievement Exemplary Citizen
Outfit Citizen Male Addon 3 Outfit Citizen Female Addon 3

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  • All players have this outfit available. Only the addons are part of this quest.


Outfit Citizen Male Addon 1 Outfit Citizen Female Addon 1

Required Equipment


  • Go to Lubo at the east side of Thais, (here) or Amber on Rookgaard.
  • Ask about their "outfit" (the backpack). They will tell you it is not for sale.
  • Say "minotaur leather" and then they'll tell you that they can make one for you if you bring the leather that they need.
  • Give them the Minotaur Leathers.
  • Come back to them in two hours and they will give you the backpack addon.


Player: Hi
Lubo: Welcome to my adventurer shop, player! What do you need?
Player: Addon
Lubo: Sorry, the backpack I wear is not for sale. It's handmade from rare minotaur leather.
Player: Minotaur Leather
Lubo: Well, if you really like this backpack, I could make one for you, but minotaur leather is hard to come by these days. Are you willing to put some work into this?
Player: Yes
Lubo: Alright then, if you bring me 100 pieces of fine minotaur leather I will see what I can do for you. You probably have to kill really many minotaurs though... so good luck!

Player: Hi
Lubo: Welcome to my adventurer shop, player! What do you need?
Player: Backpack
Lubo: Ah, right, almost forgot about the backpack! Have you brought me 100 pieces of minotaur leather as requested?
Player: yes
Lubo: Great! Alright, I need a while to finish this backpack for you. Come ask me later, okay?

  • If you return before 2 real life hours have passed

Lubo: Uh... I didn't expect you to return that early. Sorry, but I'm not finished yet with your backpack. I'm doing the best I can, promised.

Player: Hi
Lubo: Welcome to my adventurer shop, <name>! What do you need?
Player: Addon
Lubo: Just in time! Your backpack is finished. Here you go, I hope you like it.
Player: Bye
Lubo: Good bye.

Feather Hat

Outfit Citizen Male Addon 2 Outfit Citizen Female Addon 2

Required Equipment


  • Both males and females need to visit Hanna in the jewelry store in Thais (on Rookgaard, visit Norma)
  • Hanna (or Norma) will make the hat for you, but they need certain materials first.
  • Give her the items you have collected, and she will make the hat for you.


Player: Hi
Hanna: Oh, please come in, player. What do you need?
Player: Addon
Hanna: Pretty, isn't it? My friend Amber taught me how to make it, but I could help you with one if you like. What do you say?
Player: Yes
Hanna: Okay, here we go, listen closely! I need a few things... a basic hat of course, maybe a legion helmet would do. Then about 100 chicken feathers... and 50 honeycombs as glue. That's it, come back to me once you gathered it!
Player: Bye

Player: Hi
Hanna: Oh, please come in, player. What do you need?
Player: Hat
Hanna: Oh, you're back already? Did you bring a legion helmet, 100 chicken feathers and 50 honeycombs?
Player: Yes
Hanna: Great job! That must have taken a lot of work. Okay, you put it like this... then glue like this... here!
Player: Bye
Hanna: Good bye.

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