Property Value
Aliases Dwarven Quest, Dwarf Hell Quest
Est. Length
Level 32
(40+ recommended)
Classification Quest
Version Unknown.
Status Active


A dwarven garrison guards a valuable treasure in a room deep underneath the surface.


Kazordoon, Western Mines

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Required Equipment



  • Go to Kazordoon, and enter the Dwarf mine located here.
  • You will be in a very small cave with one or two Dwarves. Go down a level.
  • Follow this path to the north-east, and go down the hole:

Circle Room Quest Map 01

  • Follow this path to the north, and then east, and go down the hole:

Circle Room Quest Map 02

  • Follow this path to the south, west, and then north. Watch out for groups of Dwarf Soldiers. Go down the hole:

Circle Room Quest Map 03

  • This level has many small groups of Dwarf Guards. Even though it is a short walk, they come at you from both directions. Go directly south, and go down the hole:

Circle Room Quest Map 04

Circle Room Quest Map 05

  • This room is where the quest boxes are. Work your way through the Dwarves to the far south end of the room to get your reward. Be very careful, there are a lot of Dwarf Geomancers and Dwarf Guards waiting for you! By staying to the eastern side of the room, you will avoid most of the Dwarves or save mana for the quest since Dwarf Geomancers will use mana drain (0-80). Kill the geomancers fast using distance weapons or runes, but be careful when using melee, as they heal quickly and might lure you into a group of dwarves.

Circle Room Quest Map 06