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You see Cillia
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    On Main Street in Thais, exhibition entrance in The Games Hall.


    She works as a ticket seller for the Thais Exhibition and therefore only appears on Sundays.
    The ticket is for free during the Kingsday Mini World Change.

    Trade Details


    This NPC does not buy anything.


    Earth Barbaric Axe Replica.gifEarth Barbaric Axe Replica500 Gold
    Earth Basher Replica.gifEarth Basher Replica500 Gold
    Earth Blacksteel Replica.gifEarth Blacksteel Replica500 Gold
    Earth Cleric Mace Replica.gifEarth Cleric Mace Replica500 Gold
    Earth Crystal Mace Replica.gifEarth Crystal Mace Replica500 Gold
    Earth Headchopper Replica.gifEarth Headchopper Replica500 Gold
    Earth Heroic Axe Replica.gifEarth Heroic Axe Replica500 Gold
    Earth Knight Axe Replica.gifEarth Knight Axe Replica500 Gold
    Earth Mystic Blade Replica.gifEarth Mystic Blade Replica500 Gold
    Earth Orcish Maul Replica.gifEarth Orcish Maul Replica500 Gold
    Earth Relic Sword Replica.gifEarth Relic Sword Replica500 Gold
    Earth Slayer Replica.gifEarth Slayer Replica500 Gold
    Earth Spike Sword Replica.gifEarth Spike Sword Replica500 Gold
    Earth War Axe Replica.gifEarth War Axe Replica500 Gold
    Earth War Hammer Replica.gifEarth War Hammer Replica500 Gold
    Energy Axe Replica.gifEnergy Axe Replica500 Gold
    Energy Basher Replica.gifEnergy Basher Replica500 Gold
    Energy Blacksteel Replica.gifEnergy Blacksteel Replica500 Gold
    Energy Blade Replica.gifEnergy Blade Replica500 Gold
    Energy Cleric Mace Replica.gifEnergy Cleric Mace Replica500 Gold
    Energy Headchopper Replica.gifEnergy Headchopper Replica500 Gold
    Energy Heroic Axe Replica.gifEnergy Heroic Axe Replica500 Gold
    Energy Knight Axe Replica.gifEnergy Knight Axe Replica500 Gold
    Energy Mace Replica.gifEnergy Mace Replica500 Gold
    Energy Orcish Maul Replica.gifEnergy Orcish Maul Replica500 Gold
    Energy Relic Sword Replica.gifEnergy Relic Sword Replica500 Gold
    Energy Slayer Replica.gifEnergy Slayer Replica500 Gold
    Energy Spike Sword Replica.gifEnergy Spike Sword Replica500 Gold
    Energy War Axe Replica.gifEnergy War Axe Replica500 Gold
    Energy War Hammer Replica.gifEnergy War Hammer Replica500 Gold
    Fiery Barbarian Axe Replica.gifFiery Barbarian Axe Replica500 Gold
    Fiery Basher Replica.gifFiery Basher Replica500 Gold
    Fiery Clerical Mace Replica.gifFiery Clerical Mace Replica500 Gold
    Fiery Crystal Mace Replica.gifFiery Crystal Mace Replica500 Gold
    Fiery Dragon Slayer Replica.gifFiery Dragon Slayer Replica500 Gold
    Fiery Headchopper Replica.gifFiery Headchopper Replica500 Gold
    Fiery Heroic Axe Replica.gifFiery Heroic Axe Replica500 Gold
    Fiery Knight Axe Replica.gifFiery Knight Axe Replica500 Gold
    Fiery Mystic Blade Replica.gifFiery Mystic Blade Replica500 Gold
    Fiery Orcish Maul Replica.gifFiery Orcish Maul Replica500 Gold
    Fiery Relic Sword Replica.gifFiery Relic Sword Replica500 Gold
    Fiery Spike Sword Replica.gifFiery Spike Sword Replica500 Gold
    Fiery War Axe Replica.gifFiery War Axe Replica500 Gold
    Fiery War Hammer Replica.gifFiery War Hammer Replica500 Gold
    Fire Blacksteel Replica.gifFire Blacksteel Replica500 Gold
    Icy Barbarian Axe Replica.gifIcy Barbarian Axe Replica500 Gold
    Icy Blacksteel Replica.gifIcy Blacksteel Replica500 Gold
    Icy Clerical Mace Replica.gifIcy Clerical Mace Replica500 Gold
    Icy Cranial Basher Replica.gifIcy Cranial Basher Replica500 Gold
    Icy Crystal Mace Replica.gifIcy Crystal Mace Replica500 Gold
    Icy Dragon Slayer Replica.gifIcy Dragon Slayer Replica500 Gold
    Icy Headchopper Replica.gifIcy Headchopper Replica500 Gold
    Icy Heroic Axe Replica.gifIcy Heroic Axe Replica500 Gold
    Icy Knight Axe Replica.gifIcy Knight Axe Replica500 Gold
    Icy Mystic Blade Replica.gifIcy Mystic Blade Replica500 Gold
    Icy Orcish Maul Replica.gifIcy Orcish Maul Replica500 Gold
    Icy Relic Sword Replica.gifIcy Relic Sword Replica500 Gold
    Icy Spike Sword Replica.gifIcy Spike Sword Replica500 Gold
    Icy War Axe Replica.gifIcy War Axe Replica500 Gold
    Icy War Hammer Replica.gifIcy War Hammer Replica500 Gold
    Ornate Carving Axe.gifOrnate Carving Axe500 Gold
    Ornate Carving Blade.gifOrnate Carving Blade500 Gold
    Ornate Carving Bow.gifOrnate Carving Bow500 Gold
    Ornate Carving Chopper.gifOrnate Carving Chopper500 Gold
    Ornate Carving Crossbow.gifOrnate Carving Crossbow500 Gold
    Ornate Carving Hammer.gifOrnate Carving Hammer500 Gold
    Ornate Carving Mace.gifOrnate Carving Mace500 Gold
    Ornate Carving Rod.gifOrnate Carving Rod500 Gold
    Ornate Carving Slayer.gifOrnate Carving Slayer500 Gold
    Ornate Carving Wand.gifOrnate Carving Wand500 Gold
    Ornate Mayhem Axe.gifOrnate Mayhem Axe500 Gold
    Ornate Mayhem Blade.gifOrnate Mayhem Blade500 Gold
    Ornate Mayhem Bow.gifOrnate Mayhem Bow500 Gold
    Ornate Mayhem Chopper.gifOrnate Mayhem Chopper500 Gold
    Ornate Mayhem Crossbow.gifOrnate Mayhem Crossbow500 Gold
    Ornate Mayhem Hammer.gifOrnate Mayhem Hammer500 Gold
    Ornate Mayhem Mace.gifOrnate Mayhem Mace500 Gold
    Ornate Mayhem Rod.gifOrnate Mayhem Rod500 Gold
    Ornate Mayhem Slayer.gifOrnate Mayhem Slayer500 Gold
    Ornate Mayhem Wand.gifOrnate Mayhem Wand500 Gold
    Ornate Remedy Axe.gifOrnate Remedy Axe500 Gold
    Ornate Remedy Blade.gifOrnate Remedy Blade500 Gold
    Ornate Remedy Bow.gifOrnate Remedy Bow500 Gold
    Ornate Remedy Chopper.gifOrnate Remedy Chopper500 Gold
    Ornate Remedy Crossbow.gifOrnate Remedy Crossbow500 Gold
    Ornate Remedy Hammer.gifOrnate Remedy Hammer500 Gold
    Ornate Remedy Mace.gifOrnate Remedy Mace500 Gold
    Ornate Remedy Rod.gifOrnate Remedy Rod500 Gold
    Ornate Remedy Slayer.gifOrnate Remedy Slayer500 Gold
    Ornate Remedy Wand.gifOrnate Remedy Wand500 Gold
    Plain Carving Axe.gifPlain Carving Axe500 Gold
    Plain Carving Blade.gifPlain Carving Blade500 Gold
    Plain Carving Bow.gifPlain Carving Bow500 Gold
    Plain Carving Chopper.gifPlain Carving Chopper500 Gold
    Plain Carving Crossbow.gifPlain Carving Crossbow500 Gold
    Plain Carving Hammer.gifPlain Carving Hammer500 Gold
    Plain Carving Mace.gifPlain Carving Mace500 Gold
    Plain Carving Rod.gifPlain Carving Rod500 Gold
    Plain Carving Slayer.gifPlain Carving Slayer500 Gold
    Plain Carving Wand.gifPlain Carving Wand500 Gold
    Plain Mayhem Axe.gifPlain Mayhem Axe500 Gold
    Plain Mayhem Blade.gifPlain Mayhem Blade500 Gold
    Plain Mayhem Bow.gifPlain Mayhem Bow500 Gold
    Plain Mayhem Chopper.gifPlain Mayhem Chopper500 Gold
    Plain Mayhem Crossbow.gifPlain Mayhem Crossbow500 Gold
    Plain Mayhem Hammer.gifPlain Mayhem Hammer500 Gold
    Plain Mayhem Mace.gifPlain Mayhem Mace500 Gold
    Plain Mayhem Rod.gifPlain Mayhem Rod500 Gold
    Plain Mayhem Slayer.gifPlain Mayhem Slayer500 Gold
    Plain Mayhem Wand.gifPlain Mayhem Wand500 Gold
    Plain Remedy Axe.gifPlain Remedy Axe500 Gold
    Plain Remedy Blade.gifPlain Remedy Blade500 Gold
    Plain Remedy Bow.gifPlain Remedy Bow500 Gold
    Plain Remedy Chopper.gifPlain Remedy Chopper500 Gold
    Plain Remedy Crossbow.gifPlain Remedy Crossbow500 Gold
    Plain Remedy Hammer.gifPlain Remedy Hammer500 Gold
    Plain Remedy Mace.gifPlain Remedy Mace500 Gold
    Plain Remedy Rod.gifPlain Remedy Rod500 Gold
    Plain Remedy Slayer.gifPlain Remedy Slayer500 Gold
    Plain Remedy Wand.gifPlain Remedy Wand500 Gold
    Valuable Carving Axe.gifValuable Carving Axe500 Gold
    Valuable Carving Blade.gifValuable Carving Blade500 Gold
    Valuable Carving Bow.gifValuable Carving Bow500 Gold
    Valuable Carving Chopper.gifValuable Carving Chopper500 Gold
    Valuable Carving Crossbow.gifValuable Carving Crossbow500 Gold
    Valuable Carving Hammer.gifValuable Carving Hammer500 Gold
    Valuable Carving Mace.gifValuable Carving Mace500 Gold
    Valuable Carving Rod.gifValuable Carving Rod500 Gold
    Valuable Carving Slayer.gifValuable Carving Slayer500 Gold
    Valuable Carving Wand.gifValuable Carving Wand500 Gold
    Valuable Mayhem Axe.gifValuable Mayhem Axe500 Gold
    Valuable Mayhem Blade.gifValuable Mayhem Blade500 Gold
    Valuable Mayhem Bow.gifValuable Mayhem Bow500 Gold
    Valuable Mayhem Chopper.gifValuable Mayhem Chopper500 Gold
    Valuable Mayhem Crossbow.gifValuable Mayhem Crossbow500 Gold
    Valuable Mayhem Hammer.gifValuable Mayhem Hammer500 Gold
    Valuable Mayhem Mace.gifValuable Mayhem Mace500 Gold
    Valuable Mayhem Rod.gifValuable Mayhem Rod500 Gold
    Valuable Mayhem Slayer.gifValuable Mayhem Slayer500 Gold
    Valuable Mayhem Wand.gifValuable Mayhem Wand500 Gold
    Valuable Remedy Axe.gifValuable Remedy Axe500 Gold
    Valuable Remedy Blade.gifValuable Remedy Blade500 Gold
    Valuable Remedy Bow.gifValuable Remedy Bow500 Gold
    Valuable Remedy Chopper.gifValuable Remedy Chopper500 Gold
    Valuable Remedy Crossbow.gifValuable Remedy Crossbow500 Gold
    Valuable Remedy Hammer.gifValuable Remedy Hammer500 Gold
    Valuable Remedy Mace.gifValuable Remedy Mace500 Gold
    Valuable Remedy Rod.gifValuable Remedy Rod500 Gold
    Valuable Remedy Slayer.gifValuable Remedy Slayer500 Gold
    Valuable Remedy Wand.gifValuable Remedy Wand500 Gold