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Chronicles of the Realm XXI
In the third year of the reign of prince-king Rodmund II it was exposed that the priests of Zathroth planned a coup to assassinate the young king and usurp the kingship. Hastily but in secrecy the first Inquisition was formed under the helmsmanship of grand priest Wisbert from the temple of Uman who was chief advisor of the uncrowned, 15 year old Rodmund. The traitorous elements were exposed and routed out. In the whole land Zathroth's temples were seized and the conspiring priesthood put in jail. Interrogations by the Inquisition unearthed the massive extent of the treachery and the church of Zathroth fell in irredeemable disgrace with the crown. Within a year under the guidance of Wisbert, the Purger, the worship of Zathroth was forbidden in the whole realm and their temples where destroyed or cleansed and reclaimed by the churches of the other gods. The grand priest of Zathroth, Madol, the Defiler, was burned at the stake, north of Thais. Even after his coronation in the year after the purge had begun, king Rodmund II had to live reclusive and under the vigilance of the Inquisition and the church of Banor since several attempts on his live were made by remaining Zathroth cultists. To honor his efforts and wisdom, Wisbert was named chancelor of the realm. In his tireless efforts he spearheaded the purge and managed to rout out several traitorous nobles that were in league with the Zathrothi. In his renewal and healing of the realm, a significant amount of lesser but pious houses were elevated to positions of honor and influence and the realm prospered by their wise, divine inspired guidance in the years to come.

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