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Chronicle of Mintwallin - the city of the Minotaurs
written by Markwin, king of all Minotaurs

Volume IV

Our excursion is at the end. Today many of our best warriors died. Palkar encountered a dragon that killed many of my minos. It was Palkars fault. He will never lead an army again. And I will never see the light again.

I can't calm Palkar. He is full of energy. And I can't calm my own people. Many don't listen to me but to him. He wants to fight.

A human made his way through the labyrinth! How could he find us? I wanted to get that out of him - but I could not understand him. I have thrown him in the jail. He will never come out of it!

The black day of out chronicle. We had a fight within the walls of my beloved city. Minotaurs fought against Minotaurs - brothers against brothers - sisters against sisters. Palkar and his knights nearly won. But me and some others were able to defeat him. Now, he and his men are outcasts.

Day of sorrow.

The outcasts stole the key to our secret laboratory! That is worst of all. Now we can't make our milk, the source of our power.

I managed to bring a dragon from the dragon-pit at the outer entrance of our secret lab to guard it. He hurt me very hard. I needed much more power than I had. I am deadly injured. I hope this coughing will have an end.

The orcs and trolls conquered some caves back. Dammit! We are too weak now. We can´t defend ourselves. And my coughing gets worse and worse.

Some of my men blocked the way from the secret lab to my chambers with a big rock. I think we are safe now.

The outcasts made an alliance with a tribe of cyclops. Now our former brothers are our worst enemies. They are hiding somewhere in the labyrinth.

The oldest Minotaur of the city told me that my written words have many mistakes and that I would write in a terrible form. I killed him. I am a fighter - not a teacher!