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Chronicle of Mintwallin - the city of the Minotaurs
written by Markwin, king of all Minotaurs

Volume III

We finally managed it to escape from the evil daemon. We had to give up most of our land. Only the city Mintwallin is left. Many good warriors died. We blocked the way out of the city with a drawbridge. I hope that will keep the daemon out. Now the only way out of the city leads to the labyrinth.

Palkar gets more and more influence in the city. Mostly the younger Minos listen to him.

Palkar sows discard. He wants to form a new army to investigate the labyrinth and to get back to the surface. I prefer living right here in peace.

He is too strong. I had to allow him to lead some small groups of our Minotaurs to fight against the orcs and trolls. He is a very good commander - and so he is a danger for me.


Palkar conquered most of the tunnels and dungeons. He drove the trolls back. Perhaps he is right. Perhaps - someday - I will see the light of the sun again.