You see a christmas token.
It weighs 0.05 oz.
Collect enough of these to trade them for valuable prizes.


You can get this item from the NPC Ruprecht on Vega by giving him a Present Bag.
You can also trade the tokens with him for the following items:
Christmas Cookie Tray 1 token: a Christmas Cookie Tray.
Gingerbreadman 1 token: a Gingerbreadman.
Gingerbread Recipe 10 tokens: a Gingerbread Recipe.
Jewel Case 25 tokens: a Jewel Case.
Santa Hat 50 tokens: a Santa Hat.
Santa Backpack 75 tokens: a Santa Backpack.
Snow Flake Tapestry.gif 75 tokens: a Snow Flake Tapestry.
Santa Doll 100 tokens: a Santa Doll.
Snow Globe 150 tokens: a Snow Globe.
Snowman Doll 150 tokens: a Snowman Doll.
Ferumbras' Teddy Santa 250 tokens: a Ferumbras' Teddy Santa.
Frazzlemaw Santa 250 tokens: a Frazzlemaw Santa.
Leaf Golem Santa 250 tokens: a Leaf Golem Santa.
Maxxen Santa 250 tokens: a Maxxen Santa.
Nightmare Beast Santa 250 tokens: a Nightmare Beast Santa.
Orclops Santa 250 tokens: an Orclops Santa.
Raccoon Santa 250 tokens: an Raccoon Santa.
Santa Fox 250 tokens: a Santa Fox.
Santa Music Box 250 tokens: a Santa Music Box.
Santa Leech 250 tokens: a Santa Leech.
Santa Teddy 500 tokens: a Santa Teddy.
The Christmas Token was the first item in-game to weigh less than 0.10 oz.

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50 are obtainable by lighting at least 1 basin on the Lightbearer event.
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Dropped By

  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.

Trade Details

Buy From

Players only.

Sell To

Players only.