Property Value
General Properties
Name Christmas Present Bag
Item ID 6496
Classification Quest Items
Creature Products
Weight 80.00 oz.
Trade Properties
Value 200 - 1000 gp
Sold for (not bought by NPCs)
Bought for (not sold by NPCs)
Other Properties
Version 7.9
December 12, 2006
Status Active
Christmas Present Bag.gif
You see a christmas present bag.
It weighs 80.00 oz.
It contains presents which were stolen from Santa. Bring them back to Ruprecht on Vega.


The Grynch Clan Goblins appear during the Santa Event. Trade it for a Christmas Token at the NPC Ruprecht on Vega.
Looks the same as a Beach Bag.

Dropped By

Trade Details

Buy From

Players only.

Sell To

Players only.

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