You see Chondur
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  • Spirits of the ancestors, guide me.


Meriana, north of Sabrehaven


Chondur is the local voodoomaster, responsible for several enchantments regarding some of the inhabitants of Sabrehaven. He is like a father for them, and protects them from the evil magical influences of the Cultists that settled on the Shattered Isles.

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Part of Shaman Outfits Quest, The Shattered Isles Quest and the Blessed Stake Quest.
He can supply you with the Stampor Mount if you bring him 30 Hollow Stampor Hoofs, 50 Stampor Horns, and 100 Stampor Talons.
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Trade Details


Item   Value
Black Skull (Item) Household Items Household Items4000
Blood Goblet Household Items Household Items10000
Blood Herb Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink500
Enigmatic Voodoo Skull Other Items Other Items4000
Mysterious Voodoo Skull Other Items Other Items4000


This NPC does not sell any items.


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Player: hi
Chondur: Be greeted, child. What do you want in an old shaman's hut?
Player: shaman
Chondur: I was chosen by the spirits of the ancestors to serve the people as healer and spiritual leader.
Player: spirits
Chondur: Spirits are all around us and on these isles they are especially strong and numerous.
Player: ancestors
Chondur: The ancestors still have contact to the world of those alive. If you know how to talk to them, they can be wise guides and powerful friends.
Player: isles
Chondur: These isles are a place of strong but secret magic. This magic is strong enough to devour the souls of the weak.
Player: magic
Chondur: Magic here is like a powerful and wild beast. You need all your strength to master it. If you fail, your punishment will be swift and hard. Voodoo gives me the power and wisdom necessary to handle those energies.
Player: magic currents
Chondur: Hm, well one could call it like this I guess. Magic is strong on these isles. Too strong for many to handle it safely.
Player: secrets
Chondur: The spirits speak about a great battle on these isles. Cause for the conflict was the strong magic here. ...
Chondur: The peaceful dwellers, that used to live here in a magical paradise created by themselves, were attacked by a dark power from the depths of the ocean. ...
Chondur: The war destroyed both races and changed the flow of magic forever.
Player: voodoo
Chondur: Together with the spirits of the ancestors, I seek for wisdom. Together we can change the flow of magic to do things that are beyond the limits of ordinary magic. ...
Chondur: In conversations with the spirits, I gain insight into secrets that would have been lost otherwise.
Player: dark power
Chondur: In the shadow of the depth, a strange and enigmatic race evolved. Using magic to the darkest purposes. ...
Chondur: What they lacked in understanding magic like the dwellers, they made up for in number and destructive determination.
Player: forever or disaster
Chondur: Yes, the ancestors hint that there has been some disaster in the past that disarranged the magic of the isles and destroyed whole civilisations.
Player: disarranged
Chondur: Hm, well one could call it like this I guess. Magic is strong on these isles. Too strong for many to handle it safely.
Player: civilisations
Chondur: The spirits tell about two powerful races that once called this area their home. They annihilated themselves in a war.
Player: quaras
Chondur: This race rose from slavery to a shadow of their former masters. The dark power that once ruled the ocean here was annihilated by some disaster and the quara used to be one of their serving races.
Player: mermaid
Chondur: The mermaids are a possible offspring of one of the magical creatures that some ancient race once created here. ...
Chondur: They are vain and self-centred. Their magic is powerful and almost impossible to reverse once it is cast on some human. ...
Chondur: The only good thing is they quickly lose interest into their victims if something of slightly more interest comes up. ...
Chondur: If you are ever in trouble with a mermaid, look for a distraction.
Player: king
Chondur: The king is far away. Our myth are closer to us than any king in faraway Thais could ever be.
Player: thais
Chondur: The people see the Thaian occupation like a crippling disease that befalls our isles. Some try to live with it, others are looking for a cure.
Player: cure
Chondur: It's my part to cure the body and the spirit. Only the people can cure the land they inhabit.
Player: venore
Chondur: The tradesmen of Venore are tainted with greed. They have so little spirituality that their souls must be starving.
Player: cult
Chondur: The cult is a mockery of true voodoo. They play with powers they don't even rudimentarily understand and some dark and sinister power is working behind the curtains. Some evil puppet master is misusing them for plans unknown to me.
Player: goroma
Chondur: One of the Forbidden Islands. No sane captain will agree to bring you there.
Player: banana
Chondur: A banana staff is the sign of a high ape magician.
Player: pirates
Chondur: You have to understand that there are two groups of people that are called pirates. One consists of evil thieves and murderers for whom the word pirate actually stands for. ...
Chondur: The others are resistance fighters for whom old ideals are hold true and that are the assertors of the native people.

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