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Basic Information

  • The word "Chimera" was also taken from the Greek mythology; there, it's described as a savage beast which was made out of three creatures: a lion, a goat, and a serpent; this is very similar to the Hellhound. More information about the Chimera's myth here.
  • Home of the legendary Draxido and his team.
  • Home of Galahad Wyrmsbane a very famous Knight who have never been promoted even though he have had premium status for several years.
  • Home to Lamb of Satan who achieved over 100 frags within a month against the strongest guild tibia has ever seen, Absolut, and their allies. This is considered a great achievement as most members are below level 55.


  • War of Pigs versus Absolut resulted in a peaceful declaration 04/04/2008. War was declared by Bleike on 22/06/2007. The final frag count stood at Absolut 127 x 133 Pigs. The frag thread created by Slayer Angel can be found at thread ID 1944650.

Players Over Level 200

Top 4 Players by Vocation

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