Property Value
Aliases CotR Quest
Est. Length
Quest Log Children of the Revolution Quest
Level 0
(70+ recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 8.54
December 9, 2009
Status Active




Zao, Muggy Plains


10,000 Experience, Tome of Knowledge, Serpent Crest - 2nd addon for Warmaster Outfits, ability to start various tasks.

Required Equipment

To start this quest, find NPC Zalamon in the very east of Zao, one floor down.

Prove Your Worzz!

You need to go through the teleporter to the area north of the Dragonblaze Peaks and go to the far east. There is a little camp of lizards and the Tactical Map is on the shelves inside the first building you see. Be ready to face Lizard Zaoguns along with other High Class Lizards. The camp is located here

You have to deliver the map in LESS THAN 1 HOUR to complete the mission, otherwise you'll have to start it again.

After you have the map, go back to Zalamon and say 'mission'

Mission 1: Corruption

Go to the Temple of Equilibrium (it's marked on your map - here) and follow the stairs up to the top and back down to the bottom on the other side, you'll face many Lizard Zaoguns along with other lizards you have battled already. There are hidden stairs behind the double set of stairs which you came down (here), when you go down there are 5 Lizard Chosen. Red text comes up saying you passed.
Note: You can jump back up immediately to avoid being hit.


Hint: if you don't want to waste a lot of supplies killing the Lizard Zaogun fighting your way up, it is possible to go up the first floor and use Levitate to get to the other side, on the red circle in the image:

Temple of equilibrium

You'll find 2 Lizard Zaogun and 1 Lizard Dragon Priest going down, but you can run to the stairs and go immediately up afterwards.

You can exit the temple of equilibrium here, by using Vines.

Mission 2: Imperial Zzecret Weaponzz

Go into the small camp Chaochai to the north of the Dragonblaze Peaks (Zalamon marks the entrance on your map, the camp is here). There are 3 buildings which you have to enter (marked with stars on the map), a food storage room on ground floor, weapon storage room in a basement (which you need a melee weapon to break through), and a barracks on ground floor. You'll get a red message on your screen for each one. Don't forget to grab the Tome of Knowledge located in the north-eastern-most building, one flight up. You will find a chest that contains the Tome.

Once you have found them return to Zalamon.

Mission 3: Zee Killing Fieldzz

Get the poison from Zalamon's storage room. Then go to the teleporter to the Muggy Plains and head east from there to the rice fields (here). Go to the very top rice field and use the poison anywhere on the water. Then head back to NPC Zalamon to finish the mission.


After you use the poison, go to the north-east and find the building for the next quest, Mission 5. You can enter the building and receive the red message to report back to Zalamon, saving a trip and resources.

Mission 4: Zze Way of Zztonezz

Head east from the teleport in Muggy Plains, past the rice fields located in the north-east. There will be a lot of High Class Lizards along the way and some Mutated Tigers, Mutated Bats and Death Blobs when you get close to the right place. Go up the stairs (here) and follow the mountain pass (where there's 1 Mutated Tiger). Keep going up and into a building, go inside and make your way as far down the stairs as possible to a room with some strange symbols. The red message will appear.
Strange symbols

Note: You can do this part during the previous mission and also talk to Zalamon about symbols while giving report of mission 3.
Head back to NPC Zalamon and say to him "strange symbols". He'll ask you get a Flask of Extra Greasy Oil from his storage room to the west. Go back to the building in Muggy Plains to the room with the levers and use the grease on them. Then use the levers to arrange the symbols in the center of the room to match the symbols on the bottom floor. You will get a red message when you have done it right. Report back to Zalamon. He will give you a Tome of Knowledge as a reward for completing this mission.

Mission 5: Phantom Army

To do this mission you must have 4 players in your group. Players who have previously completed this part can ask NPC "Zalamon" for "Task" then choosing "ZZtrike", this allows the person to enter again but their mission is to kill the Gate Guardian. In the building where you were on the previous mission you can now go down to access a room with a blue flame teleport. Walk into the teleport. In the area past the teleport the players must each stand in a square that is missing a lizard statue for 10-30 seconds. You will all see a message that you hear "distant clicks" when standing on your square.

Caution! Taking players who have previously completed Phantom Army makes it very difficult for other lower level players as the Gate Guardian hits very hard, A suggestion is to use the southern most part of the area and hide away from the Guardian till the mission is complete.

Mission 5 Phantom Army distant clicks

After this all players need to walk south where you will find some stairs leading up. There's a time limit and if you take too long to go up the stairs you won't be able to continue. When you go up you are in the area where the Phantom Army will spawn. Walk south (slowly) and you will soon start being attacked, first by a few Eternal Guardians and after you kill them, a whole army of stronger Lizard Chosen will appear. Kill everything that moves! Report back to NPC Zalamon once completed. Its sugested to go southwest where theres a trap so only 2 Lizard Chosen will attack. If you do this combined with fire fields you wont be attacked but still complete the mission.

NB: There is a Tome of Knowledge in a chest in the building on the east side of the path (here) leading to the gate. (South from where you begin).

Above monsters will keep on spawning in large amount so take cover. You will get teleported out of the area once you have been there for a certain amount of time. For that reason, don't put any items on the ground.

Now after the day you have finished the mission you can start daily tasks and win different kinds of rewards:

NOTE: After starting the Wrath of the Emperor quest you can no longer do any of the tasks given by Zalamon, you will have to talk with Chartan in order to do them.

Daily Task: Zzuppliezz

First say to Zalamon "supplies", and accept the mission. You need to go in the Lizard Town that the Zalamon have marked in your map at mission 2: Imperial Zzecret Weaponzz, there you need to go one floor down and use the lizard's weapon rack and get a Weapons Crate.

After the Weapons Crate, you need to find some Fishes hanging on a wall and you will receive two Special Fishes.

At the east side of the village use only one Special Fish at the wall where the Lizard Prisoner's are trapped.

When you do it you'll get the "Vive la Resistance" achievement.
Note that there is 1 day time limit for this task.

Report back to Zalamon about your mission, you need to have the Weapons Crate and the Special Fish with you and then he will reward you with one of the following gems: Red Gem, Green Gem, Blue Gem.

Daily Task: Collect

Talk to Chartan and check the "tasks" he has to offer, then ask about the "collect" one and accept it. You need to collect seven items, that can be obtained by using several plants around northern Zao, all of them can be find on this area (going above from where Chartan is).

Note: f you are doing the Wrath of the Emperor Quest, the dialogs will not work. So you'll have to finish it first before being able to do this task.

List of the items:

List of the plants that give them: (there are few plants of each type, but here you can see the exact location of at least one of each kind, also the plants can be collected in any order)

Screaming Cherry Tree



Toxic Tulip


Rotten Plant


Say "hi" to Chartan and eat all the weird food you got, after eating them say "collect" to him.

When you do it you'll get the "Extreme Degustation" achievement.
Note that there is 1 day time limit for this task.

As reward for this task you can get one of these group of items (depending on your vocation):

Knights may get:

Paladins may get:

Druids and Sorcerers may get:

Weekly Task: Zze Art of War

Ask Zalamon for the strike mission, or if you have lost access to Zalamon through the Wrath of the Emperor Quest, ask Chartan at the Rebel Camp.

This task is the same as Mission 5: Phantom Army. With the weekly task you can help other players with mission 5, collect the Tome of Knowledge there and/or kill the Lizard Gate Guardian boss.

The reward of this task is 10000 experience.


Prove Your Worzz!

Zalamon: Not many travellerzz zzezze dayzz. I hope you bring good newzz.
Player: mission
Zalamon: Zzo you are offering your help to a lizzard? Hmm, unuzzual. I don't know if I can fully truzzt you yet. ...
Zalamon: You'll have to work to earn my truzzt. Are you zzure you want to offer me your help?
Player: yes
Zalamon: Zzen indeed, I have a tazzk for you. Lizzten carefully and you might even learn zzomezzing. A wizze being hearzz one zzing and underzztandzz ten. ...
Zalamon: Zze mountainzz to zze norzz are overrun by corrupted lizzardzz. ...
Zalamon: Beyond zzem, you'll find a lush valley, zze Muggy Plainzz. Find out about zzeir planzz, zzeir tacticzz. Zze lizzardzz' art of war izz characterizzed by dizzguizze and zzecrezzy. ...
Zalamon: A traveller told me about a barricaded zzettlement zzey ezztablished. It'zz a weak and in all zzeir arroganzze, poorly guarded outpozzt beyond zze mountainzz. ...
Zalamon: If you can find any documentzz about zzeir zztrategiezz, zze rezzizztanzze will be very grateful. ...
Zalamon: Are you interezzted, palezzkin?
Player: yes
Zalamon: Be warned. Zze mountain pazzezz have been dezzerted for zzeveral weekzz now. No one made it acrozz and I fear you won't meet a zzingle friendly zzoul up zzere.
Player: bye
Zalamon: Zzee how far you can get.

Mission 1: Corruption

Zalamon: Not many travellerzz zzezze dayzz. I hope you bring good newzz.
Player: mission
Zalamon: What newzz do you bring? Did you find any cluezz about zzeir whereaboutzz?
Player: yes
Zalamon: Exzztraordinary. We are mozzt fortunate to have zzezze documentzz in our handzz now. Zzizz would zzertainly help me to build an effective rezzizztanzze. Will you give zzem to me?
Player: yes
Zalamon: Aaah, zzey look zzertainly interezzting. Zzezze manuzzcriptzz show uzz zzeveral locationzz of zze enemy troopzz. ...
Zalamon: I'm imprezzed, zzoftzzkin. Maybe you can be of zzome more help.
Player: mission
Zalamon: Zzurely you have zzeen zze black pondzz and puddlezz all over zze mountain pazz, palezzkin. It izz zze corruption zzat pervadezz zze land. It would be wizze not to drink from zzem. ...
Zalamon: It zzoakzz zze land, itzz people, and even zze air itzzelf. But zzere are zztill zzpotzz not tainted by zze darknezz. ...
Zalamon: A temple, norzzwezzt of zze barricaded outpozzt wizztood zze evil influenzze. However, I lozzt contact to itzz inhabitantzz when zze lizzardzz tightened zzeir grip. ...
Zalamon: No one made it zzrough zze mountainzz for quite zzome time now - exzzept you. Maybe you can find out what happened zzere?
Player: yes
Zalamon: I've marked itzz location on your map. Go and find out what happened zzere. In zze pazzt it wazz known azz zze Temple of Equilibrium.
Player: bye
Zalamon: Zzee how far you can get.

Mission 2: Imperial Zzecret Weaponzz

Zalamon: Not many travellerzz zzezze dayzz. I hope you bring good newzz.
Player: mission
Zalamon: Zzo you found zze temple... lozzt you zzay. It wazz our lazzt remaining bazztion of hope for help from wizzin zze plainzz. ...
Zalamon: Zzat meanzz zze plainzz are now in zze handzz of zze emperor and hizz army. I'm afraid zzat even zze great gate izz zzealed and zze landzz beyond it tainted azz well. ...
Zalamon: Dark timezz, and I fear we know nozzing about our enemy yet.
Player: mission
Zalamon: Large partzz of zze empire are tainted. I zzee now zzat zzere izz almozzt nozzing left of our onzze zzo zztrong zzivilizzation. But I zztill don't know which danger our enemy really pozzezz. ...
Zalamon: Zzere uzzed to be a remote and quiet zzettlement in zze middle of zze valley. If it hazz not been dezztroyed by zze corruption, I'm zzure zze army of zze emperor will confizzcate it to gazzer rezzourzzezz. ...
Zalamon: If you can get inzzide zze village, find out everyzzing you can about zzeir zzituation. Zze clever hawk hidezz itzz clawzz. ... Zalamon: I'm mozzt interezzted in zzeir weaponzz, food and zze zztrengzz of zzeir forzzezz. ...
Zalamon: Are you prepared for zzizz mizzion?
Player: yes
Zalamon: I'll mark zze entranzze to Chaochai on your map. ...
Zalamon: Conzzentrate on one location at a time. Zze one who chazzezz after two harezz, won't catch even one.

Mission 3: Zee Killing Fieldzz

Zalamon: Not many travellerzz zzezze dayzz. I hope you bring good newzz.
Player: mission
Zalamon: Zzizz izz mozzt unfortunate. Zzo many warriorzz? Large amountzz of food? And how many weaponzz did you zzay? I zzee, hmm. ...
Zalamon: Direct confrontation izz futile. We'll have to find ozzer wayzz to approach zze emperor and hizz army.
Player: mission
Zalamon: Your lazzt excurzzion revealed a terrifying truzz. Zze enemy'zz forzzezz are overwhelming, zzeir zztrengzz probably unrivalled. We cannot attack an army of zzizz zzize unlezz - unlezz we zzin out zzeir rankzz a little. ...
Zalamon: A zzingle individual can be azz zztrong azz an army if he zztrikezz zze army azz a whole. ...
Zalamon: Are you ready for your nexzzt tazzk?
Player: yes
Zalamon: Not far to zze eazzt of zze village, you'll find rizze fieldzz. Zzey uzze zzem to rezztore zzeir food zzuppliezz. ...
Zalamon: In zze zztorage acrozz zzizz room, you'll find a zzpecial poizzon which will zzignificantly weaken zzem if uzzed on zze water and zzoil zze rizze growzz in. ...
Zalamon: Are you fully prepared for zzizz?
Player: yes
Zalamon: Good. Zze fieldzz should be not far from Xiachai in zze eazzt. Go to zze top terrazze and mix zze poizzon wizz zze water. ...
Zalamon: Poizzon izz often uzzed by cowardzz, yet it grantzz great power to zze opprezzed.
Player: poison
Zalamon: Zze emperor of zze dragonzz hazz tranzzformed himzzelf into an undead creature to lazzt for all eternity, to cheat deazz. Hizz corruption flowzz to zzozze he bound, and from zzem to zzozze zzey bound, and from zzem into zze land.

Mission 4: Zze Way of Zztonezz

Zalamon: Not many travellerzz zzezze dayzz. I hope you bring good newzz.
Player: mission
Zalamon: You accomplished an important tazzk in breaking zze defenzze of zze emperor. Not everyzzing might be lozzt yet. ...
Zalamon: I've got anozzer mizzion for you which will be even more dangerouzz zzan zze lazzt one. Return to me when you're ready.
Player: yes
Player: mission
Zalamon: Wizz zze enemy'zz forzzezz weakened like zzizz, we will be able to zzneak pazzt zze defenzze and furzzer inzzpect zze norzz. You should travel to zze mountain range furzzer eazzt of zze village. ...
Zalamon: Zze old route to zze gate hazz been taken by darknezz. You'll have to find ozzer wayzz. Are you up to zzizz, palezzkin? Player: yes
Zalamon: Perhapzz you can find a way to enter zze norzz of zze valley and find a pazzage to zze great gate itzzelf. Zzearch any templezz or zzettlementzz you come acrozz for hidden pazzagezz. ...
Zalamon: I wish for a zzafe return wizz good newzz.

Strange Symbols

Zalamon: Not many travellerzz zzezze dayzz. I hope you bring good newzz.
Player: strange symbols
Zalamon: Mh, zze zzymbolzz of zze chamber you dezzcribe are very common in our culture, palezzkin. You should have come acrozz zzem in many a plazze already. ...
Zalamon: Zze zzymbolzz zzeem to be arranged in zzome way you zzay? Have zzere been any notizzeable devizzezz? Zzwitchezz or leverzz?
Player: yes
Zalamon: Interezzting. It'zz a riddle, zzoftzzkin. Zzuch gamezz are very popular in our culture. I believe zze leverzz will alter zze arrangement. ...
Zalamon: Not too far from zze lever, zzere muzzt be a hint of zzome zzort. An image of how zze zzymbolzz muzzt be arranged. Zzurely zze mechanizzm will trigger a zzecret pazzage, maybe a moving wall or a portal. ...
Zalamon: Zzizz should be our pazz to zze great gate. Head to zze zztorage onzze again. Zzere should be zzome extra greazzy oil which should work wizz zzuch a large mechanizzm. Zze leverzz should zzen be movable again.
Player: bye
Zalamon: Zzee how far you can get.

Mission 5: Phantom Army

Zalamon: Not many travellerzz zzezze dayzz. I hope you bring good newzz.
Player: mission
Zalamon: You have zzolved zze riddle? Imprezzive, palezzkin. Zze humming you hear in zze chamber mozzt zzertainly comezz from a magic portal zzomewhere in zze temple. ...
Zalamon: Have you zzearched zze ozzer chamberzz for any magical devizzezz or portalzz?
Player: yes
Zalamon: Zzen zzizz izz zze way which will lead you to zze great gate. ...
Zalamon: By zze way, before I forget it - zzinzze you are zzkilled in zzolving riddlezz, maybe you can make uzze of zzizz old tome I've found? It containzz ancient knowledge and truly izz a tezztament of our culture, treat it wizz care. ...
Zalamon: I may alzzo have anozzer mizzion for you if you are interezzted.
Player: mission
Zalamon: If I'm correct, zze portal in zze chamber beyond zze mechanizzm will lead you to zze great gate. It izz perfectly pozzible, however, zzat you will not be tranzzported directly into zze area. ...
Zalamon: You will razzer be brought to a plazze clozze by your goal. Where exzzactly, I cannot zzay. ...
Zalamon: Take all your courage and walk zze pazz zzrough zze portal. At leazzt TRY it - after all, I didn't make you my pupil for nozzing, Kohei. Are you prepared?
Player: yes
Zalamon: You did well on your quezzt zzo far. I hope you will reach zze great gate in time. If we are lucky, it will zztill be open. ... Zalamon: If not, it will already be overrun by enemy zzoldierzz. Direct confrontation will be inevitable in zzat cazze, palezzkin. Now clear your mind and approach zze portal.
Player: bye
Zalamon: Zzee how far you can get.

Zalamon: Not many travellerzz zzezze dayzz. I hope you bring good newzz.
Player: mission
Zalamon: Too clozze, far too clozze. I felt a huge impact not long after you left. Zze war machinery of zze emperor muzzt finally have been zztarted. ...
Zalamon: I focuzzed and could only hope zzat I would reach you before everyzzing wazz too late. If I hadn't been able to tranzzport you here, our cauzze would have been lozzt. ...
Zalamon: I'm afraid we cannot continue zzizz fight here today. Zze rezzizztanzze izz zztill fragile. I'm afraid, zzere izz zztill much left to do. We'll have to prepare for war. ...
Zalamon: You've helped uzz a great deal during zzezze dark hourzz, I've got zzomezzing for you my friend. Pleazze, take zzizz zzerpent crezzt azz a zzign of my deep rezzpect. ...
Zalamon: Rezzt for now, you will need it - you have earned it.
Player: bye

Daily Task: Collect

Player: hi
Chartan: Great Znake forgive me to converze wiz ziz unworzy blankzkin.
Player: task
Chartan: Yez, of courze. We are in dire need of zome {zuppliez}. And we alzo need zomeone to {collect} food and plantz from around Zao. Zere iz alzo ztill zome trouble lurking at ze great gate. ...
Chartan: You are already familiar to our hit and run tacticz, developed by Zalamon himzelf. A zmaller {ztrike} now and zen directly at ze gate will weaken hiz forzez and furzer diztract him from ze tunnelz zat connect uz to ze zouz.
Player: collect
Chartan: Yez, we need to collect edible plantz and food from around Zao. It would be far more efficient and alzo more convenient if we could zurvive on our own here, wizout any dependenziez on ze Muggy Plainz. ...
Chartan: My zoldierz brought zome food and ztrange... plantz. Zey zaid zey were ztarving. Literally. And zey juzt tried zome of it. It helped zem to get back here. Zo, it can't be all bad. ...
Chartan: I want you to go out zere, gazer whatever you can and bring it back here to me. I will zen dezide if it iz of any uze or not. What do you zay?
Player: yes
Chartan: Good, good. Very good. You juzt tazte it and we will take everyzing zat didn't change your complexion. Mh, I can already zmell ze deliciouz new mealz we will create from all ziz... provided you don't get killed in ze prozezz. Or worze. Good luck!

After you eat the items:

Player: collect
Chartan: Oh no, ztop, ztop. Enough, you really tazted enough of zem. Are you alright? Well, nozing zere for uz today but I will not let you go like ziz. ...
Chartan: I'm over here! Here! Yez. Oh no, you can barely ztand. Here, take ziz for your bravery and rezt. You can alwayz come back here any ozer day! Wait, wait carefully zere... alright, zere iz ze exzit, yez. Yez, very good... goodbye heh!

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