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Party Skeleton

Required Equipment



  • Talk with Neill, get the sword and shield and slay some Party Skeletons to test melee fighting.
  • It is optional to talk with Willem and Ula.
  • Talk to Tylius, get your staff and test it by fighting some Party Skeletons in Tylius' tent.
  • Walk east and obtain 3 Meat from a chest, optionally talk to Willow.
  • Walk east to Shanoya and talk to her. Then grab 3 Mean Paladin Spears from the chest in her tent and try to kill some Party Skeletons with it.
  • Walk further to Salbra and talk to her. She will teach you the spell Practise Fire Wave.
  • Now talk to her again and say "proceed". She will give you 10 Lightest Magic Missile Runes, try them out on the Party Skeletons.
  • Talk to Salbra again and say "proceed" again. She will teach you the spell Practise Healing. She will damage you for 85 hitpoints, so you can test the new healing spell. You can grab a Mana Potion from the chest behind her.
  • Walk east and out of her tent. When doing so a message will appear "Congratulations, initiate! Go to a vocation trainer and choose your destiny!". When walking north and through the fence you will have completed the quest and cannot go back.

Note: you will loose your Mean Knight Sword, Mean Paladin Spears and Lightest Magic Missile Runes, as well as your spells after coming near to Captain Kurt. A message will appear "Your Festival items just miraculously disappeared! In the distance, you hear Tylius chuckle."

  • After choosing a vocation and going to the mainland with Captain Kurt's boat, open a chest on his boat to get a bag with an Adventurer's Stone and a Paper.
  • After coming to the mainland your questlog will have 5 updates (Loose Ends are being added), but the quest Child of Destiny will still not show completed, which is odd.