You see Chester Kahs
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  • Too many possibilities to become a servant of darkness to trust ANYONE!
  • Don't tell me I didn't warn you.
  • It's all a big conspiracy, mark my words.
  • Not everything that walks our streets is human ... or even living.
  • We are surrounded by myths, living and dead.


Second floor of the Royal Army Headquarters.


Chester is Captain of the TBI (Tibian Bureau of Investigation). His direct superior is King Tibianus. He has control over the 'Red Guard' but prefers to work alone. He left the public scene after his failure to defend the colony Carlin against the Orcs.
Chester is very suspicious, almost paranoid. He holds detailed information on almost every Thaian citizen.
If you say heal to him he will take a Life Ring from your inventory and then heal you up to 1000 hp (if you have more than 1000 hp you won't be healed, instead he will reduce your hitpoints to 1000).

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He is part of the Secret Service Quest and he exchanges Life Crystals for Life Rings.

To trade a Life Crystal for a Life Ring, follow these transcripts:

Player: hi
Chester Kahs: Salutations, stranger.
Player: Gamel rebel
Chester Kahs: Are you saying that Gamel is a member of the rebellion?
Player: yes
Chester Kahs: Do you know what his plans are about?
Player: magic crystal Lugri deathcurse
Chester Kahs: That is terrible! Will you give me the crystal?
Player: yes
Chester Kahs: Thank you! Take this ring. If you ever need some healing, come here, bring me the ring and ask me to 'heal' you.
Player: bye
Chester Kahs: Take care out there!

Chester Kahs Note that there is no limit to how many times this can be done.

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Player: Hi
Chester Kahs: Salutations, stranger.
Player: How are you
Chester Kahs: I am troubled by all the mysteries out there.
Player: Job
Chester Kahs: I am the head of the TBI.
Player: TBI
Chester Kahs: The Tibian Bureau of Investigation, the secret service of His Royal Highness ...
Chester Kahs: The TBI is an old institution with tradition. Since centuries we are the protectors of our king and country ...
Chester Kahs: We successfully fight intrigues and corruption from within and enemies from without. Only the most talented individuals are allowed to join.
Player: CGB
Chester Kahs: An amateurish attempt of Carlin to establish a secret service. It's nothing than a 'make-believe' game for little girls ...
Chester Kahs: They should rather play salesman and customer or mother and child instead of pretending to be secret agents.
Player: AVIN
Chester Kahs: Officially we have to accept their status as a harmless organisation to promote trade. Still, it's an open secret that they have a quite active part in the fields of interest of the Venorean traders.
Player: Thais
Chester Kahs: Thais is a proud and ancient city. This leads to envy which, in turn, leads to enemies.
Player: Venore
Chester Kahs: Venore makes its moves behind the scenes but they are noticed by those who learnt to watch.
Player: Carlin
Chester Kahs: Who knows what power drove those women to break from the Thaian rule? There might be sinister powers at work.
Player: Ab'dendriel
Chester Kahs: The elves of Ab'Dendriel are hard to understand. We better keep an eye on them.
Player: Kazordoon
Chester Kahs: The dwarfs of Kazordoon are our allies. They are brave and very well skilled in warcraft, still they are hiding in some mountain. So I'm asking myself: What do they know that we don't?
Player: Liberty Bay
Chester Kahs: There is still resistance to our leadership. It might take generations to wipe it out.
Player: Port Hope
Chester Kahs: Port Hope is our foothold in an unknown territory full of new challenges and secrets.
Player: Ankrahmun
Chester Kahs: Well, that's a creepy town with an enigmatic religion and a dangerous leader.
Player: Darashia
Chester Kahs: In my opinion it's questionable that Darashia was only built so remote to provide solitariness.
Player: Army
Chester Kahs: Our army might be infested with spies already.
Player: Spies
Chester Kahs: Polymorphed minotaurs, shapeshifting demons, possessed innocents ... who can tell for sure.
Player: Investigation or Bureau
Chester Kahs: We collect information about people and incidents.
Player: Incidents
Chester Kahs: There are things that must be kept secret.
Player: Excalibug
Chester Kahs: We are surrounded by myths, living and dead. How can someone doubt that there IS something like Excalibug somewhere?
Player: Fiends
Chester Kahs: Not everything that walks our streets is human ... or even living.
Player: Underground ruins
Chester Kahs: We have no clue what happened to the civilization that once dwelled underground, but their complete extinction should be a warning for us!
Player: People
Chester Kahs: We know much about the citizens and some other people.
Player: Citizens
Chester Kahs: I only can give you some official information about our citizens. About whom do you wish to talk?
Player: Secret
Chester Kahs: Certain information is not for the eyes and ears of everyone. Please understand that.
Player: King
Chester Kahs: King Tibianus III is our leader and my direct superior.
Player: Superior
Chester Kahs: I report directly to the king himself.
Player: Report
Chester Kahs: My reports are confidential and for the ears and eyes of the king only.
Player: Sell
Chester Kahs: I'm no tradesman, sorry.
Player: Trust
Chester Kahs: Too many possibilities to become a servant of darkness to trust ANYONE!
Player: Gods
Chester Kahs: We are just the pawns of the gods. The best we can expect is that our play amuses them enough to keep their interest in us, so we might live a day or two longer.
Player: Castle
Chester Kahs: The castle isn't safe! I warned them of the entrance to the dungeons, but no one is litstening. How many people have to die before they do something about that?
Player: Dungeon
Chester Kahs: Monsters lurk in each corner of the dungeons, which spread beneath us, breeding in the shadows and plotting to destroy us all.
Player: City
Chester Kahs: The city is open to almost everyone. That literally opens doors for all kinds of criminals and fiends.
Player: Rebellion
Chester Kahs: I have far too little information about the rebellion, but we suspect the followers of Zathroth behind it.
Player: Berfasmur
Chester Kahs: Strange name, isn't it? Play around with the letters and you might be surprised.
Player: Berfasmur is Ferumbras
Chester Kahs: Yes, that's what I figured out, too. Just one of his disguises.
Player: Criminals
Chester Kahs: There are so many murderers and thiefs out there that I wonder if there is some greater force of evil subtly encouraging that.
Player: Enemies
Chester Kahs: The people of the northern city, the minotaurs, the followers of Zathroth, the demons, and countless others!
Player: News
Chester Kahs: Sorry, almost news that are a little interesting are confidential.
Player: Dangers
Chester Kahs: Danger is common like day and night for a Tibian, who keeps his eyes open.
Player: Druids
Chester Kahs: It is said that druids are preservers of life and good aligned, but let me ask you if it's so 'good' to sell runes to the highest bidder, no matter who that might be? I think you get the point!
Player: Knights
Chester Kahs: It's too easy to become a knight. They take almost everyone. And if you look in the streets you can see what happens if you give training and a flashy title to almost everyone.
Player: Paladins
Chester Kahs: They should be noble warriors, but does it take bravery to shoot someone from a certain distance? The former paladins were virtuous heroes, the ones you meet today are just simple treasure hunters.
Player: Sorcerers
Chester Kahs: I don't know where they got their secret spells in the first place, nor did most of them know ... If I were a sorcerer that would be a fact to give me nightmares.
Player: Demons
Chester Kahs: They say there are just two of them in the underground ruins! These damned fools! There are dozens of them! And the two they already saw are only some of the weakest of demonkind!
Player: Guard
Chester Kahs: I think we can't trust the guards anymore.
Player: Aruda
Chester Kahs: This woman is a clever thief, so watch out when you're talking to her.
Player: Benjamin
Chester Kahs: Something happened to him that snapped his mind. Can we be sure what more might have happened to him unnoticed?
Player: Bozo
Chester Kahs: He isn't the fool he pretends to be. So to what is he up to?
Player: Eclesius
Chester Kahs: I think it could be quite a good trick to pretend not to remember anything. That's why I never tell that guy anything, who knows what he would do with that knowledge.
Player: Frodo
Chester Kahs: Have you noticed how easy it would be to poison his supplies and kill a great deal of people with ease?
Player: Gorn
Chester Kahs: A man too concerned about profit to be trustworthy. This kind of man sells his soul to the highest bidder. It's just a question if he has done it already or will do it soon.
Player: Harsky
Chester Kahs: He is one of the few people I can trust.
Player: Lugri
Chester Kahs: At least you KNOW that you have to expect only evilness from this guy and that's the best one can say about him.
Player: Lynda
Chester Kahs: She puts her trust in the help of beings she can't comprehend. Think by yourself if that's clever.
Player: McRonald
Chester Kahs: Have you ever wondered what these caves under their farm are good for? And have you noticed how many adventurers go down there and never return? Well, think about it!
Player: Oswald
Chester Kahs: He is constantly spying on people. He's especially obsessed with that priest Lynda.
Player: Partos
Chester Kahs: This criminal was wanted for many crimes. At last he got caught and put to jail.
Player: Quentin
Chester Kahs: A peaceful man. But in our days peace is just an illusion. We are surrounded by enemies and dangers.
Player: Sam
Chester Kahs: I say it's a mistake to rely on a single person for such vital services.
Player: Stutch
Chester Kahs: He is one of the few people I can trust.
Player: Ferumbras
Chester Kahs: Some say he's the avatar of Zathroth himself, but perhaps the truth about him is even darker then the worst rumours can imagine.
Player: Ruthless seven
Chester Kahs: We know little about them. But even that gives me nightmares! But it's your lucky day, since this information is confidential, and so it can't bother you.
Player: Bye
Chester Kahs: Take care out there!

Chester Kahs