Players chat with each other in channels. It is recommended that players read the Tibia Rules before using any of these channels. Below is a list and details about each. Text will appear in yellow for most channels.

Channel List: Local Chat, Server Log, Loot, NPCs, World Chat, English Chat, Advertising, Advertising-Rookgaard, Help, Private Chat, Party, Guild, Private Message and Tutor Channel.

Local Chat Channel

All messages in this channel will be displayed in the game window right above the character's head. All characters who are visible on the game window will be able to read your statements. You are able to whisper and yell here. And you can speak in any language in this channel, you also cannot close this channel. Because only the players nearby can read other players' messages, this channel is not considered a public channel.

Server Log Channel

This channel was added in the Summer Update 2009, it contains all information the game wants to tell you: when you last logged in, received/dealt damage, loot of a creature killed by you or a party member (if Loot Channel is closed), items used with a hotkey, raid messages as well as CipSoft Members' broadcasts. When you try to send a message in this channel, it is sent to the Local Chat Channel. You cannot close this channel.

Loot Channel

When this channel is open, loot messages are displayed here. Otherwise, they are displayed in the Server Log Channel. This channel is only available to players using Tibia 11. Just like in the Server Log Channel, you can only receive messages in this channel. If you try to say something in this channel, it will be automatically sent to the Local Chat Channel. This channel was implemented with Update 11.10 in February 2017.

NPCs Channel

This channel is used when you talk with an NPC that is standing near you. When you say hi or hello to an NPC, the NPCs Channel will open up automatically. In this channel you speak in blue and the NPCs speak in cyan, some key words are highlighted.

World Chat Channel

RL-Chat is a multilingual chat meant for talking about anything, so long as it doesn't break the Tibia Rules. It's required from free account characters to be over level 20 in order to be able to send messages here.

English Chat Channel

Talk about various things in the game such as prices of items or asking if someone would like to go on a quest (and also various game-related things). This is the only channel where players must talk in English. It's required from free account characters to be over level 20 in order to be able to send messages here.

Advertising Channel

Players advertise items that they buy, sell or trade with other players. It can also be used to look for hunting/quest teams and to search for guild members. It is available to characters with a vocation but also to CipSoft Members. It's required from free account characters to be over level 20 in order to be able to send messages here.

Advertising-Rookgaard Channel

Just like the Trade Channel. It is available to characters without a vocation but also to CipSoft Members.

Help Channel

Players here can ask for guidance, report illegal names, statements as well as bugs to tutors here. Players may not ask about quest spoiling or start general conversations here. Tutors speak in orange here. The shortcut for this channel is Ctrl+T.

Private Chat Channels

Premium Account players can open a private chat channel and invite any players they so wish into this channel (including free account players). You cannot be reported for statements in these channels or muted, therefore you can talk in any language here.

Party Channels

This channel was added in the Christmas Update 2008. There you have easy communication with your team mates, and can talk any language. This channel used to inform party members of loot but this is primarily done by the Server Log channel now.

Guild Channels

Exclusive chat for only members of your own guild can be in here. No Rules apply in this chat. You can not be muted while speaking in your guild channel, and you can talk in here in any language. During a guild war, it will be displayed in the the guild channels of the involved guilds whenever a guild has scored a kill along with the total of all kills reached in this war. Of course, also the end of a war and its outcome will be announced here.

Private Message Channel

A Private Message is a way for just two players to talk. It can be opened by right clicking on a player, on their name in a Channel, on their name in your VIP list, by double left-clicking on their name in VIP or by pressing Ctrl+O and typing their name in the line. You speak in blue and the other player speaks in cyan in this channel.

Tutor Channel

This chat channel is only available to players with the position of tutor and to CipSoft Members. Players are allowed to talk in a non-English language here unless there is someone who is unable to speak the given language. Also, there is no set topic of discussion here although position-related matters should have priority over general chat.

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