A mystical room deep below the surface of the Plains of Havoc that serves as the main hub into the Dream Realm. It was created in order to channel dreams, which provides Dreamwalkers a direct connection between locations through Dreampaths. It is said that all of the dreams of beings in the Tibian Universe are linked to this hub and was vital to the cause of the Nightmare Knights.
The chamber was lost to the demons during the great war of the Ruthless Seven and the Nightmare Knights, thus dividing the Knights and preventing them from gathering together. This division led to their destruction.
After the war, the chamber was abandoned but can be accessed today by those who can pass the Dream Challenge. The Dream Machine is located in the chamber and enables travelers to enter the Dream Realm. Many puzzles and traps guard the passageways leading the way to this structure so as to protect the ultimate tool of the Nightmare Knights from intruding forces.

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