Makes all creatures nearby change their target to the caster for at least 6 seconds.


This spell is mostly used in team hunts to keep creatures from targeting the rest of the team. It can also prevent creatures from running in low health (e.g. Nightmares), making it useful for knights hunting alone. If a creature's path to the caster is blocked, creatures might change their target before the spell's duration is over.
Summoned creatures are unaffected by this spell as they will attack what their owner targets. Players are not affected by this spell.
This Spell can only be purchased by Elite Knights.

Challenge animation.gif


On April 17, 2009, challenge spell is no longer an aggressive spell, which means you can use it in a combination with aggressive spells.
Before the Summer Update 2017, this spell only made creatures change target to the caster without any other effect, meaning creatures would still be able to switch target, making it seem like spell had no effect on some creatures do to their high retarget rates.
It used to look like this: