The Chakoya Iceberg is an iceberg which floats around Tibia and is sometimes reachable from the north-west of Tiquanda, here. It can only be reached when the connected Mini World Change is active.

The Chakoyas which inhabit this iceberg have no choice but to serve the single Frost Giantess on top of it, as becomes clear from a Note Pinned on the Wall next to some food which says: Important for all shamanic apprentices! Never forget sacrifice for Great Frost Giantess! If Great Frost Giantess does not get enough food, Great Frost Giantess will feed on little Chakoyas!

Explorer Wilmot Dustheart saw this iceberg and accessed it to find out why it had stranded in such a strange place. After writing down his discoveries in his journal, he froze to death.

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The Chakoya Iceberg is one of the spots you have to cartograph during the Cartography 101 Quest.
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NameEXPHPMax DamageLoot
Chakoya Toolshaper.gif
Chakoya Toolshaper
408080 Physical Damage
Chakoya Tribewarden.gif
Chakoya Tribewarden
406830 Physical Damage
Chakoya Windcaller.gif
Chakoya Windcaller
Polar Bear.gif
Polar Bear
288530 Physical Damage
Frost Giantess.gif
Frost Giantess
150275150 Physical Damage