Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Port Hope
Position 127.214, 127.226, 11
Personal Properties
Gender Unknown.
Race Book
Occupational Properties
Job Unknown.
Other Properties
Version 11.80
July 03, 2018
Status Active
You see Cerebrir.
  • This is a disaster!


Deep inside the Secret Library.


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It is in the main room of the last part of The Secret Library Quest.
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Player: hi
Cerebrir: Hurry, you fools. Time is short. We are under {attack}!
Player: attack
Cerebrir: They have overtaken the protective {seals} - something that should be impossible. ...
Cerebrir: However the forces of {Variphor} are swarming the inner wards and even worse, their attack is aided by {traitorous} demons. Should the inner sanctum fail, the {knowledge} they are after, would end up in their hands.
Player: seals
Cerebrir: They somehow captured our own seals that protected this inner sanctum and the hoards most prized secrets. This is only possible with {inside} knowledge.
Player: inside
Cerebrir: The protection of the inner sanctum is fueled by Zathroth's power and was woven with secret knowledge by some of the most powerful demons that existed. ...
Cerebrir: There is no way, someone just figured out how to not only break but even corrupt such powerful enchantments. The invaders must have knowledge only an insider could possess. ...
Cerebrir: And obviously the invaders from beyond are joined in their attack by demonic forces. Some of them seem to have even embraced the powers from beyond and changed. ...
Cerebrir: Most of the traitors are low ranking, half-sentient rank and file demons, that just do what their superiors order them to do. ...
Cerebrir: It couldn't be more obvious that there's a betrayer in our ranks and considering the circumstances and insight this traitor has, it's someone high-ranking. However, that's something to deal with on another day.

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