You see Cerdras
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A researcher.

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player: hi
Cerdras: Greetings my friend!
player: job
Cerdras: I'm merely a humble druid like so many others here. I may not be the most talented of healers, but I am gifted with a special atunement to the elements.
player: elements
Cerdras: How can I explain my connection to the elements so that you can understand it? Hmmm, it is like a faint melody, a song, that is always there. ...
Cerdras: I hear that melody shifting in time with the shifts in the elements. With so many years of listening, I have learned to interpret these shifts and so come to a deeper understanding of the elements. ...
Cerdras: It was a natural step for me to become responsible for researching elemental lore. I try to learn as much as I can and share it with my fellow druids. ...
Cerdras: Unfortunately, much of my understanding is instinctive, and our language just doesn't contain the right words for me to express the things I feel adequately.
player: song
Cerdras: It is hard to explain. Of course, it's not a real song as you would understand it. I don't hear it with my ears, but rather, I feel it deep inside of me. ...
Cerdras: Calling it a song or melody is the best I can do to describe it to those who don't share this kind of perception. ...
Cerdras: It also helps me to express and understand something for which our language has no appropriate expression. ...
Cerdras: You know, we are so dependent on words that we can't think about concepts when we don't have words for them. ...
Cerdras: I sometimes think words have become just as much of a hindrance as a help. ...
Cerdras: Perhaps we would fare better if only we forgot words and dealt purely in feelings. Then perhaps all of us could hear the wonderful melody of nature.
player: nature
Cerdras: For me, nature is the harmony of the elements. This harmony can be disturbed by certain events, but nature always finds its way back to harmony in the end.

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