Members of elfish caste Cenath are magic users. Look for them on the upper levels of Ab'Dendriel.

Eroth is the leader of the Cenath caste.
Other known members of the caste are: Maealil and Shiriel.

There are also two other casts: the Kuridai and the Deraisim. Three lost elfish castes are: the Teshial, the Abdaisimand the Chelabdil.

During the the wars of the old times, the Cenath did not partake in the battle as they lived in a valley far from the frontlines. They received books, artifacts and valuable objects from other elves to preserve and they acted as if there was no war at all. When the war reached them, they put all their efforts in maintaining their way of live, even sacrificing some of their own lives to create spells that finally led to the valley being torn out of this terrenal world, and leading it into another dimension. Said dimension is unknown, there are no sources claiming if it was into the Dream Realm, the Otherworld or even the Void. Far from the war as they were, they focused in the study of magic, created light and weather in their valley and lived there for hundreds of years. Ultimately he dimension started to collapse and the elves tried their best to avoid it, but it was inevitable. With theit magic they tried to save as much lives as possible, but almost half of the elves died, all of the books, artifacts and wonders of the valley were destroyed during the return. The Cenath started to wander the lands aimlessly until they met with the Deraisim and finally decided to settle in the wood in their company in one of their former trading posts, leading to the foundation of Ab'denriel.

Elf Arcanists can be see saying "Tha'shi Cenath", although according to the official despcription in the Tibian Library, Elf Arcanist are members of the Kuridai caste, while Elf Scouts say "Tha'shi Ab'dendriel". The lack of available vocabulary in the Elven Language makes it hard to decipher theses sentence's meaning.

Theory about place of Origin[]

Tibia Valleys

The three Tibian Valleys, Zao, Roshamuul and Mad Mage Valley

United Vandura

Vandura center formed a valley between Nargor, Goroma Volcano, Meriana mountain and Vandura mountain.

There is no much information about the Valley where they used to live, the ruins are described in this book, as if they were hit by a thunderstorm of magic. The valleys found on Tibia's geography are the Mad Mage Valley, the Muggy Plains between the Dragonblaze Peaks and the Spirittrails and the Guzzlemaw Valley in Lower Roshamuul. None of them has ruins with the (few) characteristics mentioned in the book, there are ruins on Roshamuul and a lot of magic traces in the Mad Mage Valley. The former valley in Vandura before the separation of all the Shattered Isles is not an option, as Ocelus mentions that a war between the ancient unkown civilization and the Quaras' ancestors unknown masters destroyed each other and left magic traces all over the islands.

Player: quaras
Ocelus: The quara are the leftover minions of a powerful undersea race that once battled for the control of the magic currents here.
Player: magic currents
Ocelus: Yes, magic is strong on these isles. In the past, two ancient races lived here. One on land and the others in the shadows of the deep sea ...
Ocelus: The creatures of the sea tried to gain control over the island. They started a war against the land dwellers during which the isle was shattered and both civilisations destroyed ...
Ocelus: All that has remained are distant memories, some of their work and the fact that the magic of the isles has turned into chaos.


Cenath in Tibian literature[]

NameBook TypeShort Description
Puldrak's Wisdom About Elves I (Book)Book (Black)Book (Brown)Book (Grey)Biography of the Deraisim
Puldrak's Wisdom About Elves IV (Book)Book (Brown)Book (Red)Biography of the Cenath.
Puldrak's Wisdom About Elves V.II (Book)Book (Black)Biography of the Cenath continued
Puldrak's Wisdom About Elves IV Fragmented (Book)Book (Grey)Damaged biography of the Cenath.
The Cenath I (Book)Book (Brown)Biography of the Cenath
The Cenath II (Book)Book (Brown)Biography of the Cenath continued
The Deraisim (Book)Book (Brown)Biography of the Deraisim
Dwarven Report XII (Book)Book (Brown)Reconnaissance on the city of Ab'Dendriel. Study of elven culture and discussion about the danger that elves pose to dwarves.

What People have to say about the Cenath caste[]

Cenath are regared by other elves as powerful magic users and in general, as an arrogant and egocentric caste, while they see themselves as the only ones wise and smart enough to guide the elves.

Player: Cenath
Olrik: They are so wise and have a mystic aura around them.
Elf Guard: The Cenath are magic users. Look for them on the upper levels of the town.
Maealil: My parents were Deraisim but joined the Cenath caste before my birth.
Elvith: The Cenath think they know the 'art', but the only true art is music.
Irea: I often listen to their tales.
Llathriel: Not all Cenath are as arrogant as our reputation suggests. However, there is sadly some truth in this stereotype.
Brasith: The Cenath forgot as much as they had learned. I doubt they find the wisdom they are looking for without the things they neglected in their pursuit of knowledge.
Faluae: They think they are so wise but they lost the ability to adore the simple things.
Roderick: I look forward to improving our relations with them.
Briasol: They are the ones responsible for most of the magic and the like in this town.
Shanar: Idiots.
Bashira: Their magic is almost as impressive as their ego.
Anerui: The magic they wield is all that matters to them.
Eroth: We are the shepherds of our people. The other castes need our guidance.
Eroth (when asked about 'magic'): Magic comes almost naturally to the Cenath. We keep the secrets of ages.
Shiriel: We are the teachers to the other castes.
Elathriel: Arrogant bastards, but they wield quite powerful magic.
Shirith: They think they are better than us.
Edowir: The cenath favour magic above all other. They are the keeper of elven lore and wisdom. They are responsible for the astounding feats of druidic magic the elves are capable of.