Detailed rooms: 4 in basement, 2 with 2 beds, 1 with 8 beds, 1 with no beds.
1 in main floor, with 1 bed. except commons rooms.
4 in second floor, 1 with 2 rooms and 2 beds, 1 with 1 bed, 2 with no beds (kitchen, dining area)
3 in top floor, all 3 with 2 story space, 2 with 1 bed, 1 with no bed.
There is one Beer and one Wine Cask, and one stove which is in a room.


North waters edge, Ab'Dendriel.


Guild Hall is located on a peninsula with great fishing, training, runes and mana sitting. Out of the way of mainstream public area makes this Guild Hall very Private.


Before April 15, 2019, this guildhall's rent was 23885 gold.

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