Detailed rooms: 4 in basement, 2 with 2 beds, 1 with 8 beds, 1 with no beds.
1 in main floor, with 1 bed. except commons rooms.
4 in second floor, 1 with 2 rooms and 2 beds, 1 with 1 bed, 2 with no beds (kitchen, dining area)
3 in top floor, all 3 with 2 story space, 2 with 1 bed, 1 with no bed.
There is one Beer and one Wine Cask, and one stove which is in a room.


North waters edge, Ab'Dendriel, here


Guild Hall is located on a peninsula with great fishing, training, runes and mana sitting. Out of the way of mainstream public area makes this Guild Hall very Private.

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