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You see Casper
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    North of Darashia


    He is located in a room 2 floors below ground, together with a Zombie Dummy, Nightstalker Dummy, Pharaoh Dummy, Carniphila Dummy, Hydromancer Dummy, Lost Soul Dummy, Blightwalker Dummy and Mutated Rat Dummy. There are also two books in his cave, both containing the same text. He also likes rhymes.

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    To change these transcripts, edit the transcripts page for Casper.

    Player: hi
    Casper: Hello and greetings! How I love our {meetings}!
    Player: meetings/job
    Casper: To guide you in this {challenge} I was sent, {Kurik} asked me to and so I went.
    Player: challenge
    Casper: Down {below} awaits you a quest. Soon we will learn who is the {best}.
    Player: below
    Casper: Go down now and be attentive and quick. With the slow ones kicked out, only the {fastest} will stick.
    Player: fastest
    Casper: If you are cunning and act smart, you might be lucky and get a {reward}.
    Player: reward
    Casper: I'm not yet impressed and just for the rhyme ask me again but another time.
    Player: best
    Casper: {Change} you will and run around. Find your match or return to the ground.
    Player: change
    Casper: You've got your wand. Now leave me be. I say farewell, away with thee.
    Player: Kurik
    Casper: Kurik the genius, Kurik the mad. Is the world hollow or is the world flat?
    Player: name
    Casper: I'm a jester, I'm a fool. I have no name, though it'd be cool.
    Player: rhyme
    Casper: A charming smile and a rhyme on my lips, I'll give the fools a few answers and tips.
    Player: bye
    Casper: Goodbye to you, our meeting was cool. I yet have to guess if you or me is the fool.