This article is about the quest object. For the quest item, see Cask of Brown Ale (Item)

You see a cask of brown ale.
It contains the legendary dwarvish brew.


You can find this cask in Kazordoon (here).


A dwarf's skill in brewing ale is only exceeded by his ability to drink it.
When someone uses an Empty Beer Bottle on it, it sounds GULP, GULP, GULP and plays Yellow Music Notes.

It looks the same as a Beer Cask, a Lemonade Cask, a Cask of Brown Ale (Item), a Rum Cask, a Small Cask, a Water Cask and a Wine Cask.
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This cask is part of The Ultimate Booze Quest. Use an Empty Beer Bottle on it to fill the bottle with legendary brown ale for Boozer.
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