This house has no furnishings.


Right across from the Sunken Quarter in the east side of Inner City.


There are three connected towers that make up this guildhall. There is a mailbox in the entrance. These are the rooms:

  • Ground floor: 9 rooms. 4 rooms with 1 bed each and a hallway (with entrance door) in the north tower. In the south tower we find a room with 6 beds and an entrance hall that also serves as a connection to the west tower. A storage room and room with 4 beds can be found in the west tower.
  • Second floor: 10 rooms. 4 rooms with each 1 bed and a hallway in the north tower. A hallway and 2 rooms with 2 beds each in the south tower. Small walkway that connects the south and west tower. The west tower has a hallway with a door, 1 room with 1 bed and another room with 2 beds. There is also a small storage room.
  • Third floor: 3 rooms. The north tower consists of 1 room with 1 bed and another room with 2 beds. Both rooms are connected to a hallway. There's a walkway that connects the north tower to the west tower. The west tower is 1 big space.

Fourth floor: 2 rooms. Both rooms have 3 beds. There's also an entrance hall.


Before April 15, 2019, this house's rent was 19500 gold per month.

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